Reading the Newspaper


Reading the newspaper every morning seems to be only a male behavior. At least in Italy.

I saw some women enjoying the same rite, not in Italy, but in Amsterdam or New York

Reading the Newspaper
1) Reading the Newspaper Originally uploaded by Davide Cherubini All rights reserved – 2,226 views – 198 comments – 133 faves – taken in Naples, Campania (map) on Sep 24, 2006 – visit the website of Davide Cherubini at

I giocatori nel tempio
2) title=”I giocatori nel tempio”
by Rino Palma, on Flickr

Reading the newspaper, the daily Blogger post, old books, new books – and to talk about the latest informations ironically with friends: That’s the kind of daily mental food, which are needed – for both genders, male AND female, what do you think?

I like the work of the Italian photographer Davide Cherubini. This shot features one of the most important rites in Italy …
The photo subtitle: Sedil Dominova Sorrento Provincia di NapoliFlickr Explore Front Page on 28th of May 2007
3) title=”united types of newspapers” by Frizztext, on Flickr
united types of newspapers

sorrento, sedile dominova
4) “sorrento, sedile dominova”
by ben oït, on Flickr

N = Newspaper (The New York Times)+born to be
both photos (5+6) by frizztext on flickr

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