blocking the news

My cat Emily often kindly helps me to ignore the news – but sometimes I make my comments nevertheless: the Huffington Post offers a German online version now: frizztext

anti-news by Frizztext
anti-news, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.

my last comments, related to a German bishop who spent 41 million $ for his residence:
With exaggerated benevolence often cliques also allow in other areas of society (financial sector?) embarrassing excesses to their leaders. Task of a democratic society should be to criticize confidently and with courage in operational supervisory bodies.
“Based on these pathological lying is often a narcissistic personality disorder …” (Thiel): It is visible, that at last once (quite true) psychiatric specialist vocabulary is used. Additionally, it is to be noted that lying in the innermost core is always theological work routine. No wonder that rubs off heavily on the personality structures of their players.
Lying is the core of the theological craft, no wonder that this attitude will rub off on their representatives. But that tissue of lies can tear in contact with modern Journalism, Justice and auditing. It is an experience that will be repeated often in the future – until autocratic world lies be not pushed through with arrogant and intimidating behavior, threatening and downright naughty. But this process of change covers not only the church, but similar structural changes can be observed in the financial sector and in political parties.
“Every liar is only as good as its counterpart, which allows the lie …” (Thiel) – properly, and it is unfortunate that so many people accept certain forms of lying. And not just as a listener in worship, as clique in higher bank-floors, as followers and vassals in political parties.

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