Dallas Police Shooting Blues

I’m shocked again by the violence in the U.S.A. – an ambushed sniper hunted 11 policemen in Dallas after a demonstration… I used the gospel AMAZING GRACE, my guitar, supported by blues harp player Gernot and some noises from Dallas and president Obama on the radio…

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13 responses to “Dallas Police Shooting Blues

  1. Oh I am so saddened to be American! The rise of Trump, the disgraceful violence and the NRA who refuses to do anything. If our family could leave I would. I can’t even read the paper anymore. I have no words to describe it. I just think it is our American culture gone bad. The only saving grace is I’m reminded of all the good people here who are doing good things. The ones who don’t get the headlines. So that is why I try to write about the people and non profit folks who are doing good. Feeling so distressed. 😢😢😢

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  2. Frizz I think this was a false flag event to give the authorities the excuse to invoke Marshall Law.

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  3. Those of us old enough to remember the horror of a sniper in Dallas once before, the news of this shooting was a special and different kind of tragedy. To have all of that come back after all this time is so disturbing. When Kennedy was president, we embarked on a mighty crusade to change the minds and hearts of people regarding race. What emerged, under his successor, was the Great Society which has done more to re-enslave people of color than almost any other program. Bit by bit, the dignity and culture of the American black was stripped from them in favor of government handouts and government programs that would carry them from cradle to grave. There is no room in those programs for endeavor, for innovation, nor for work. The incentive to achieve is replaced by a trip to the post office for the stipend check. Culture and pride are replaced by institutionalized victimization – it is by far more profitable to be a victim than an entrepreneur. That race relations in this country have disintegrated to the point that the poor, who need more protection from police than most other aspects of society are taught from early on that the police are the enemy. That enemy is comprised of middle class folks, mostly, who just have a job. I had policemen in my family. I know and admire many policemen in this country. I admire the majority of them anyway, knowing that they are somehow more likely to be kissing their kids wondering if it is for the last time than any other worker headed out for a shift.

    Are there “bad apples” in police forces? Yes. Any position of power can work to harden a person, to corrupt them. But is it the place of a vigilante to decide that, as a class, those folks need to die? Does this actually prove the point? Does it make us safer, or more joined as a people? No. It doesn’t.

    Does the NRA bear responsibility for these tragedies? No, they don’t. Does society? Yes. Do we as a people, by glorifying the victim class to the extent they feel they can do no wrong and will bear no responsibility for actions as horrific as these, become somehow implicit? I think we do. I hate to say that my country has come to this.

    Black lives matter. Of course they do. Blue lives matter. Of course they do. Not one more than the other, but equally. What we need to protest, however, and march in the streets for, is the fact that Honorable Lives Matter. We are not teaching our children to be honorable. We are not teaching our children to be responsible. We are not teaching our children to value life. We are cheating our children. Honor will prevent the powerful from overreach, and will uplift the victim. Honor has no price tag and is the domain of every individual, if they so choose. Honor is a choice. Honor is a way of life that will reward.

    Stripping this country of its guns will not make us a better society. Teaching our children to respect themselves and life and others will make us a better society. If we mourn the “good old days” as so many of us do, it is not because we miss Jim Crow laws or slavery or the abuse of people of color, it is because once upon a time, the children were taught things of value. And yes, I miss that.

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  4. thank you, dear Barbara, for your elaborate, sophisticated, extensive comment! Yes, I agree: “What we need to protest, however, and march in the streets for, is the fact that Honorable Lives Matter. We are not teaching our children to be honorable….”


  5. kjatexas

    The violence is not the result of Trump, the violence is a direct result, of President Obama. He has spent the last seven and a half years, working to divide Americans, instead of being the uniter he promised to be. His is a cynical agenda to enhance the leftist agenda here in the US, and bring down the Constitutional Republic he despises, despite his protestations to the contrary. He hates our Constitution, because it limits central governmental power, and he is a big government, socialist, and I would go so far as to say, a communist. His father, mother, and chief mentor were all communists, and he was schooled in same, growing up. America is about individual freedom, NOT total government control of the people. WE THE PEOPLE, are supposed to be the bosses, not governmental bureaucrats, a fact American leftists despise. They want to be a permanent ruling class. That’s not America as founded.


  6. As always, Frizz, you finger is on the pulse of what is in the news. You are so right about the choas that is occurring daily all over. You blues song is fitting for the sadness everyone feels.
    Isadora 😎

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