What a wonderful world

My little “before breakfast” tribute to a nice sunrise – and to the grandiose optimism of Louis Armstrong (we all know, that life is sometimes much harder than described in this song with kazoo & guitar)

P.S.: this is also played for Isadora https://insidethemindofisadora.com/ and her husband in New York. He once was seriously wounded while doing his job for the police. Now he is soothed by his clarinet playing tunes from Louis Armstrong – once he even played with Woody Allen (I believe)… – and though Woody is a great sceptic: he enjoyed at least his clarinet like Louis his trumpet – and me my kazoo…

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writer, photographer, guitarist

5 responses to “What a wonderful world

  1. One of our favorite songs along with Basin Street Blues. You have made our day today special. Thank you, Frizz, for such a thoughtful tribute. The message is timely as we all have to believe this is a wonderful world despite the chaos.
    Blessings to you,
    Isadora 😎

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    • and still there are idiots running around, bringing brave people into a wheel-chair or even kill them: my blues about the killing of Joe Cox, a young lady of the British parliament, engaged vs.Brexit:

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  2. A wonderful start to the day indeed, thank you Frizz!


  3. Lovely Frizz.


  4. One of my favourite songs, Frizz. I wish everyone thought this way.


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