Charleston Church Massacre

I’m so sad about the amok in the Charleston church last Wednesday, a white idiot killed 9 black believers in their church. What’s up in this land – Frits, watching from Europe…
love in vain ~ listen:

photo of a famous black church by Shein Die, click on the image to enter his flickr stream = a tribute to black music culture in Southern USA

read the discussion about the Southern flag:

also related:

let me sing the vantage point of John Lennon:

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11 responses to “Charleston Church Massacre

  1. I agree. It is a sad day when people cannot worship in safety

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  2. A terrible thing to happen. My heart goes out to the families and wider community, and also to all Americans who are shocked and saddened by such racist hatred.

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  3. I’m sad too. I don’t get the hate…..

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  4. what do you say??? … hatred is a word I don’t even like to say… much less… profess to have this feeling…Our world I believe is in for one BIG awakening… I hope for the better!

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  5. Such a heart-breaking event, an emotive tribute dear Frits.

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  6. I onn’t know what to say… Maybe that in other countries there also other idiots Killing bouddhists, Muslims or christians in temples, masques, churchs without any cameras to show us.

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  7. It remains a tragic sorrow that the U.S. Is so plagued with this festering brew of violence and racism. So many disturbed and lonely unschooled people fed a diet of video violence and sensationalism, this is what happens, it seems. Imagine and strive toward a better world, it isn’t hard to do….

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  8. a friend from USA wrote to me: “For most of us, flying this banner is tantamount to seeing the Nazi flag flying in Germany.”
    O.K. I understand clearly. The flag has lost the innocence. No more joke to show this flag after this massacre…


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