Georgia On My Mind – Bottleneck Version

My daily guitar lesson: Perhaps I listened too often to the old founders of blues music like Blind Willie Johnson, Tampa Red, Fred McDowell etc., that could be the reason why I changed the character of “Georgia on my mind” by Ray Charles R.I.P. – I hope I could entertain you nevertheless; played in standard tuning key of Bb major

Kindly Barbara Parker from Maryland (US) added her voice to my instrumental exercise, so life came into the music:

P.S.: I played a very different, fast and jazzy version with my friend Luzz to have a background music for my BERLIN slide show:



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writer, photographer, guitarist

4 responses to “Georgia On My Mind – Bottleneck Version

  1. I enjoyed listening to your version Frizz.

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  2. love the Georgia On My Mind!…
    Ray Charles has a special place in my heart with that one!…

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  3. Barbara ‘helping you out’ was a very nice combination, Frizz, but I liked your little upbeat version best. A toe tapper and smiler 🙂

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