Death Rituals vs. Women

It seems, that death rituals as a permanent anthropological structure are not only vs. animals, but in many “cultures” often vs. women: in Arabia (throwing stones till she dies) or India (burning of widows)

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6 responses to “Death Rituals vs. Women

  1. its too complicated and it gone too complex because to understand as a common man, why these kinds of accidents happening, who is responsible for this we or God.
    I think Not “GOD”. 😦

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  2. Unbelievable!! At the same time, it is heartening that women activists have rallied in protest.

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  3. Human beings don’t always deserve to be called human.


  4. Too barbaric esp. at this time and age.


  5. How disgusting that such a thing should be allowed to happen! Great image of those women showing solidarity with the victim.


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