The Death Ritual

Though people like Pablo Picasso or Ernest Hemingway might adore bullfight events: this “sport” was increasingly criticized by the animal rights movement. For sure we all do not like to be fenced in a battle where is no good chance to get out healthy…

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14 responses to “The Death Ritual

  1. Of course i must dislike this because the bull has no chance to survive, Being drugged and tortured. That’s something we don’t see in Muslim and hindi contrées, despite all we read on hallal méat.
    And We do also the same with chicken, dogs,.. Civilized people ? What is “Civilized”

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  2. at one time (when i lived in Spain) i was a keen follower of bullfighting but i changed (i hope for the better) and today i’m a supporter of the abolition of bullfighting and all fighting that involves animals.

    Thank You for sharing.

    Best wishes


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  3. Oh, I do prefer the second shot so much more! But I like the interested dialogue you’ve sparked with the first version.

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  4. To protect or not to protect animals.
    Well, I am not going to comment on bullfighting, but just because I have a bigger example of human stupidity.
    In Mexico City, Circuses cannot perform with animals. There is a new law in the city and in some other states that say that animals are protected. so far so good.

    This law is rather new… and it pass local congress.. so far so good.

    Government took the animals away from circuses in the city, but, and this is a big BUT, the new law did not contemplate what where they going to do with those animals: liones, tigers, monekeys, jiraffes….

    Well, since the law has that little glitch, about 3,000 (three thousand) animals will be executed, because there is no place where to put them.

    and that is really really sad.

    Sorry if this comment is way too long!

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  5. What an interesting post! Many years ago we attended a bullfight in Spain. We were naive, and didn’t realize that the bulls were all cruelly murdered, no matter how well they performed, that they were goaded and provoked when they just wanted to be left alone. The whole thing was brutal and sickening. What happens to the captive whales and dolphins in Sea World isn’t much better. I’ve read that you can tell a lot about a society’s values by how they treat their children, elders, and animals–those who have no power or voice.

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