Embedding the sound

My friend Luzz made a better sound design, changing my simple Dobro guitar track adding his old pub piano, some swinging drum sticks, bass etc. = our tribute to Bessie Smith’s “Nobody knows you when you’re down and out” – sorry, I couldn’t resist embedding the sound…

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writer, photographer, guitarist

10 responses to “Embedding the sound

  1. A joyous combination, Frizz

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  2. Allan G. Smorra

    You guys are great together.

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  3. You guys really click. Nice to listen to on a snowy morning.

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  4. It plays while you’re scrolling down the Reader, so it’s great.

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    • READER: some get angry if the music is playing though they didn’t click any button – but I took the risk – because I’m very happy, that my friend Luzz, only using some of my e-mail attachments, could make the sound so much better: the trucks on the street by my window – he deleted the noise – as well as the cat noise: she jumped from the bookshelf down on my table (big crash) directly beneath the microphon.


  5. That’s a great sound you two make Frizz! Well done.


  6. Thoroughly enjoyed this catchy song!


  7. Love this, Frizz. Great sound. Happy weekend to you. 🙂


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