Pigeon Blues

All the pigeons were killed in my hometown because this brainwashed government wants a daily washed and clean city. All pigeons are dead so I don’t want to stay here no more…

Feeling blue I always noticed the pigeons – and I adored them, though walking, they could take their wings for a ride up, up and away…
piccione incazzato
photo by Enrico Colussi

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

4 responses to “Pigeon Blues

  1. So sorry for the pigeons!

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  2. How does someone get away with that? We would have so many environmental groups protesting a slaughter like that. I could understand applying some kind of birth control to manage the population but out and out kill them is horrible.

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    • we don’t have any environmental groups protesting vs. a slaughter like that. Sad to say, in Germany the government sometimes likes to kill. Germany earns much money by export of lethal weapons for military for example to Saudi Arabia etc.


  3. That’s scary! It just doesn’t make you feel comfortable, does it?


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