Dimitri’s Dance – Дорогой дальнею

I tried to remember my Russian roots and played into my little 4-track pocket recorder: my Gypsy guitar, the banjo, the bass and my voice – I hope I can inspire some feet tapping…

got some mails:
Здравствуйте, frizztext.
Вы писали 3 апреля 2014 г., 18:31:52:
My friend Dimitry!!! The title is “Dorogoy dlinnoyu” which means “By a long road…” or the English version is “Those were the days”
Здравствуйте, frizztext.
Вы писали 3 апреля 2014 г., 19:39:37:
The author of the music is Boris Fomin – a great musician who was hated by Stalinists. He was very talented. He might improvise on piano whole the day without a break. Those Soviet authorities made everything to destroy him and his music. But his songs were so popular and people sang them. So they deleted his name and showed all his songs as FOLK SONGS…. Now some enthusiasts collected all his songs and returned them the name of their father. This song became so popular around the world when a singer sang it with the English text (Those were the days). Though originally it was “By a long Road” – the Russian text.


Earliest recording:


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11 responses to “Dimitri’s Dance – Дорогой дальнею

  1. Орченъ хорошо, Фриз!


  2. Those were the days my friend. 😀 Lovely interpretation, Frizz/


  3. In that time when Russia is seen as the new enemy by some war hawks, it’s good to just listen to music….


  4. I’ve always loved this song!


  5. Jazzy rendition of a song filled with good memories.


  6. Who could stay sitting while listening to the violinist and his group. I couldn’t get your video to work on my iPhone. When I get toy home I will check my laptop. FUn post. XD


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