Paco de Lucia 1947-2014

I’m always sad, when a guitarist dies. And much more if he was younger than me. Paco R.I.P. – I hope there are guitars in heaven too!

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16 responses to “Paco de Lucia 1947-2014

  1. Oh, how sad, he’s one of my favorite guitarists! I do so hope you’re wish is granted and that there are guitars in heaven!


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  3. Made me so sad to hear this, He was a great musician, R.I.P.


  4. Mirada

    Ohh, I so love flamenco–a couple weeks ago on PBS there was a young flamenco guitarist; I thoroughly enjoyed the program. I’m sorry for the loss of Paco.


  5. Soul music indeed. A sad loss, but surely rhythms that resonate forever.


  6. I am sure they do. A lost for us, but his music lives on. What a joy he will bring to the souls in heaven.



  7. So sad to lose such a talent… I’m sure there are guitars up there.


  8. What a very sad loss.


  9. I bought one of his cds in one of my trips to Spain. He’s really wonderful. What a loss.


  10. He was like a candle with a light on both ends…
    Another sad example : Jimmy Hendrix


  11. I remember hearing him play in the ruins if an old church in Siena, Italy. I will never forget.


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