Old Time Rock Fun

I tried to perform an unplugged tribute to Bob Seger’s “Ol’ time Rock ‘n Roll” (I’ll never forget the ALF cover); played in the key of E, tempo 130; I started to play on my metal Dobro guitar and added the vocals; then Rickplayer made the bass, Ian McAulay the e-guitar and then jmrukkers joined the session with a kind of hammond organ – I hope you can feel what fun we had?



third experiment with another sound, still waiting for more remixes …
I’m happy that jmrukkers joined with busy bass and Hammond B3 sound and supported my banjo and my Alf-voice – do you know the Bob Seger Ol’ time rock ‘n roll cover at YouTube? Much more funny than Heidi Klums version…


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3 responses to “Old Time Rock Fun

  1. nothing makes me want to get up and dance as this song!…
    love it when played on nights out…just says fun!


  2. It was fun for me too!


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