Planning Windows

We all live with planning windows. For what do YOU have some? I often like to create them anticipating my musical hobby = to see which musicians I still want to ask for assistance in “wikiloops”
mixed game
the numbers below are always links to the music (on wikiloops)

needed for wikiloops collaboration:


bass, drums

15524Carla J. Patterson surprised me, because she added Swahili language to my track “African Dance Trance“!!
14951 – I was surprised by myself, but I dared to sing the KANSAS CITY BLUES, supported by Rickplayer (rhythm guitar), Babbazitt / Ian McAulay (lead guitar) and Gernot (harp)

harp, accordion

15548 – Bass player jmrukkers joined me, I tried to perform the St. James Infirmary Blues.
15562 – need a harp for UNCLE BUD

piano, vibraphone

15075HESITATION BLUES – I’m happy that very often a trio found together: Gernot (harp), jmrukkers (bass) and me with metal Dobro guitar and vocals.
15159FRISCO BAY BLUES – same trio.

saxophone, clarinet

15197 – “Yas Yas yas” = similar kind of storytelling, but this time with my friend Luzz (bass, accordion and harp)…
13673PEGGY SUE – I played at first the old French jazz standard “je suis seul ce soir” arranged for fingerstyle guitar, my friend Luzz was kind enough to add bass and a French style of accordion, but then Glenn P. from Florida joined us with an unusual retro kind of singing!

banjo, violin

15169T for TEXASJatEffinTee (bass) and Gernot (harp) joined me for a country music session
15473Rickplayer inspired me with his retro honky piano sound to add my Dobro and vocals. Then Ian McAulay again added his e-guitar and jmrukkers his e-bass: SMILE FOR TEARS

vocals, trumpet

14453TEACHER’s BLUES – I played fingerstyle guitar, Sergio from Argentina joined with his bass, then came Wade from New Zealand with his saxophone.
14260BEI MIR BIST DU SCHOENGernot with harp, Luzz with saxophone and bass, me with banjo and guitar.

e-guitar flights

15433 – I changed the famous Bossa Nova composition of Luiz Bonfa, converted it to a a Gypsy rhythm – maybe a creative e-guitarist can change it even to a crying blues?
15325 – Babbazitt / Ian McAulay added his classical guitar to my simple rhythm guitar – now a third guitar-style = electric lead guitar flights – would maybe interesting?


14004GEORGIA GIRL = my fast GEORGIA on my mind version (me only in the very background on Gypsy rhythm guitar) – with Luzz (bass, drums, vibraphone, accordion) & Glenn (creative vocals).
14271 – much energy in the “PARADISE SESSION” for my friend Janusz, who died so much earlier than me, though younger – many musicians added their talent: Janusz (slide guitar), Gernot (harp), Mr.Adam (drums), Calle (bass and e-guitar)
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  1. I like the concept of ‘planning windows’.


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