She left her baby

My tribute to the Coen Brothers movie “Oh Brother where art thou”: Sirene’s Lullaby; maybe I should mention, that my mother gave me to an orphanage shortly after birth 1945; it took me 40 years to find her…

Don’t you weep pretty babe
Don’t you weep pretty babe
She’s long gone with her red shoes on
Gonna need another loving babe

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writer, photographer, guitarist

6 responses to “She left her baby

  1. Glad you found her before it is too late. I remember parts of your growing up years, you are fortunate.


  2. 40 years of searching…oh, my!…that’s a story…
    My Dad and his broithers were put in an orphanage when he was a young boy…
    He seemed to embrace his fortune…of having people look after him when his Momma couldn’t…Passing onto us a womderful feeling of being loved!


  3. Pat

    Beautiful, Frizz. I hope singing this brought some comfort and healing to your “pretty babe”.


  4. This was such a good scene in the film. Love your rendition and thanks for reminding me, Frizz


  5. The photo is a perfect match for this music!



    GREAT ONE an Movie!


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