Radio Days

If I remember back to my childhood, during the holiday season, I wasted my time staring at the radio’s panel. I remember the large list of cities. I turned the knob and traveled on the wings of music around the world. Today, the musical enjoyment is interactive: I upload one of my guitar tracks, and gradually other musicians add their instruments.
photo by “`ailona_e, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
below: I started with my guitar, then someone in Florida (GlennP) added vocals, others in Europe participated with bass and accordion etc. – the end is open…

for this virtual band (they never saw each other) worked:

A = wikiloops


B = soundcloud




and maybe soon more …

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11 responses to “Radio Days

  1. Love the photograph. I remember radios like this one, although I never had one. Love the idea of interactive music making. Pretty cool. What are the finished products like? Anywhere I can go to hear them?


  2. Thanks for this wonderful post Frizz! Born as I was in 1952…that girl could have been me… I loved the radio!


  3. What a beautiful post… took me into my memories… as if I was this girl in front of the old radio…. Beautiful collection. Thank you dear Frizz, Happy Holiday, love, nia



    I found at the end… 🙂 Thank you dear, have a nice day, love, nia


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  6. May you and Barbara have a blessed holiday season filled with the spirit of
    good health, peace and love.
    Merry Merry … Feliz Navidad !!!
    Al & Isadora


  7. wolfgangfoto

    i remember on this old radios with the magic green eye


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