Creative Commons

Like a wall (or a door) where many leave some graffiti signs, like anonymous wikipedia or wikiloops’ creative commons, like wordpress or soundcloud: I like projects where unknown talents or famous artists have a chance to establish a creative community.
above: photo by frizztext, taken in Berlin
below: though we never met, it was possible to join via internet for a virtual jam session: other musicians, from Florida (vocals of Glenn) to Europe (harp of Gernot + bass and accordion by Luzz): they added their talents via wikiloops or soundcloud, enjoy the result:


About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

7 responses to “Creative Commons

  1. I loved it too… art is the most beautiful thing in this world… Thank you, I am listening to your music now… Love, nia


  2. Hi FrizzText
    One of my friends is dying of cancer and the only time he feels no pain is when he’s playing the organ. I wish there was a way he could join the international group that adds instruments to your arrangements. Then he could be pain free without sitting at his organ.
    Jeanne Poland


  3. Lovely playing on the guitar je suis seul ce soir. Merry Christmas!


  4. So much things on this wall and door : From art to political (antifa praha)….but sometimes art is political


  5. Always enjoy your guitar, Frizz. Happy Christmas.


  6. Loved Peggy Sue! Your arrangement though reminds me of strolling along cobble stoned streets in Paris for some reason.


  7. I agree, it’s a good thing. A wonderful holiday season to you! And a creative New Year.


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