Classical Guitar Compositions

There are wonderful compositions for classical concert guitar by Sor, Carulli, J.S. Bach, Tarrega etc., and it is something absurd, to play such stuff on an electric guitar, but it appealed to me!
photo taken in Venice by frizztext – background music: me, trying to fingerpick on my e-guitar “LAGRIMA” by Tarrega


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writer, photographer, guitarist

9 responses to “Classical Guitar Compositions

  1. I thought it sounds nice.



  2. But it sounds so good!


  3. The electric guitar brings out the delicacy of the piece and reminds me very much of those quiet, snowy, slightly sad December days pre-holiday – poignant and nostalgic…. Would love to hear a much longer version.


  4. a gentle melancholy, like snow falling through trees just as it is going dark.


  5. Something soothing. Just the thing for this hectic week!
    Hope your festive season is wonderful, Deitmar. 🙂 Full of music, I know it will be.


  6. Lovely and soothing. A nice way to start the day.


  7. You make me want to get out my Martin Backpacker’s Guitar and start playing again!!!


  8. It sounds softer and more delicate on elec guitar. keep it up!


  9. Ace

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    donate a $1 maybe more and we will help you.


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