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Description: Every Tuesday I offer the A to Z challenge walking step by step through the alphabet.
Every Tuesday, step by step, I’m walking with my readers from A to Z, last week we had the “S”-challenge, so this week we’ll take “T” – I’m sure you’ll also find a photo, a story or a music title tagged with “T”! Feel free to add in the comments below the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “T”!!! Myself I’ll focus on love to a tractor:


You can fall in love with a tractor, watch two examples:
My Tractor!!
title=”My Tractor!!” – photo by enviro warrior = John Parish, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
Some people have friends. Human beings. Others have pets. Cats. Dogs, horses, some even dolphins. Others only have flowers. Some of us only have things. Collecting cups. Or stones, found at the coast. But there are things, which seem to live: Automobiles, aircrafts, ships – or even tractors. I found at youtube a tractor who is the drummer of a country music group in Sweden: “Sweet Georgia Brown med traktorkomp” uploaded by janake ragnar, views: 2,039,946 = more than two millions!

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47 responses to “TTT-Challenge

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  2. Hi there Frizz, I loved the photo of the tractor. But I think the duck is the quintessential scene-stealer – stole the show entirely. 🙂 I’m back this week with a TREE contribution. 🙂 Trees outside my window.


    • thank you Myra,
      now I can understand, how a dryad, a forest nymph, feels inside!
      floor-length windows are always (mostly?) wonderful!
      [of course it is important, what you can see outside]


  3. “T for Texas, T for Tennessee” begins the Jimmy Rogers song. I thought of Trains so:


  4. it’s not industrial music but … farming music !


  5. I love old tractors. Spent some of my earliest years scrambling on same. My ‘T’ is not so jolly Thinking of Gallipoli There’s a link to a very splendid documentary on the campaign at the foot of the post.


    • you made me thinking with your detailed tribute! “…Then on 6th August, having survived one nightmare, the 14th battalion took part in the final British attempt to wrest control of the Gallipoli Peninsula from the defending Ottoman Turks. This involved the Anzacs moving up the coast to take Hill 971, a beetling, rugged ridge known to the troops as The Sphinx…”


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  8. hi Laura,
    you are right with:
    “…when Typhoon Haiyan
    toppled the Philippines,
    the taste for trivia
    temporarily left…”


  9. Laura Bloomsbury

    a tremendous shot of vintage tractor with farm characters. Reminds me of Terence the tractor in 40s children’s stories of Thomas the tank engine. Mine is serious


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  11. Frizz, I have had some crazy thoughts and ideas during the countless hours I have spent on a tractor but musical accompaniment…never. Brilliant and sounds so good.


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  14. This is a repost with some photo changes and new video’s for the challenge. Hope you enjoy …


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  16. Love the tractor…and the tractor music! Thanks, Frizz
    Here we go with what I’ve got for the week:


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    TTT= Totally trapped in the traffic : )


    • triple “TTT”-award = three-point field goal
      = “totally trapped in traffic”:
      Brooklyn Bridge Traffic
      saw a similar situation
      like you in Manhattan!



        A triple award!!!!! YAY ! I sit in this constantly : ) On a bridge is bad and I always worry about an angry mob sometimes fellow travelers are very unforgiving!


  19. Hello Frizztext, I like the tractor, random but funny. TTT challenge from me is This Tune makes me feel brave, cos sometimes that’s what we need.


    • T for TUNE – that’s logical (my ears say)…
      Bob Marley fighting for communism? Help me to understand the lyrics, English is neither my 1st nor my 2nd language 🙂


      • You do brilliantly FT. The lyrics are Jamaican patois and Rastafarian in spirit and although they draw very heavily on the Bible it is the emancipation message I relate to.
        i.e. We see what they are doing and we are not running away.

        See them ah come, see them ah come, but me naa run
        See them ah come, see them ah come, but me naa run

        Corrupted are their minds, drawn into deep dismay
        The silhouettes of Satan’s illusions, cast them to their destruction
        Sure and steadfast as an anchor to a rock I shall stand!

        See them ah come, see them ah come, but me naa run
        See them ah come, see them ah come, but me naa run


        Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the wicked
        I shall fear no evil

        Sure and steadfast as anchor to a rock I shall stand, me naa run
        Sure and steadfast as anchor to a rock I shall stand, me naa run

        See them ah come, see them ah come, but me naa run
        See them ah come, see them ah come, but me naa run

        (Fades to dub, until the end)


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  23. We’ll definitely be getting another box of these ! Please have a look at


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