Cats & Birds

Our cat Emily is sitting behind the window every day and complains at the birds out there who climb around the bird feeder.
Titmouse no. 43
photo by frizztext
below: Simon’s cat, analyzing a bird feeder:


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writer, photographer, guitarist

13 responses to “Cats & Birds

  1. Great shot & a brilliant combination with the cartoon. It reminds me of my cat in London (Boris). He likes to sit at the window & gnash his teeth at the birds lol 🙂


  2. How cute! Did you do the video? Is that Adobe Flash program?


  3. I adore Simon’s cat!!! And this time, kitty actually takes the joke!


  4. these cartoons are great…thanks for the introduction…makes me smile…


  5. forgot to add…love the colorful birdhouse…nice photo!


  6. ha ha…love Simon’s cat!


  7. Wow! What a beautiful bird. Thanks for the amusing video ofSimon the cat.


  8. Our neighbors’ cats like hanging out in our yard because of all the birds that visit our feeders. They would love to have our feathered friends as a meal.
    The video was quite amusing! I enjoyed it.


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  10. Simon’s cat is hysterical! I enjoy these little clips. Thanks, frizz


  11. … that is because they are teasing her about being stuck inside!


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