It’s nice to have a family. And of course not all have the same life goals. Especially the differences are the one dynamic that ultimately is also amusing.
The Love Family
title=”The Love Family” – photo by A_CoolBean = Detrick Polk, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
another funny shot by Detrick Polk:
Refusal to Compromise

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4 responses to “Family

  1. Caddo

    How cute! I wish the differences in my family could have been celebrated, rather than resulting in alienation and isolation. Such is life.


    • Yes, Caddo, it’s sad looking back, if the family dynamic was more to do with making everyone conform, rather than enjoying individuality. Worst still, when any detraction from the family ‘culture’ is seen as betrayal. Hm.


  2. Our Adventure in Croatia

    did they put their TV on the ceiling?…. 😉


  3. one member hanging upside down looks absurd – she’s showing her own way of thinking and purpose of life….


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