Like our lives: some musical compositions are like a long and winding road, reaching a final point at last. Maybe a point of perfection.
photo by frizztext, taken in Venice, music museum

Some decades ago I taught guitar and sold some tutorials: classical guitar (for example J.S. BACH – prelude 999) converted from notes to modern tabs.
written guitar music
title: “written guitar music” – by frizztext
background music: me on an amplified American Western guitar, trying not to play folk music but a classical composition, beg your pardon, if it is not perfect – but I was excited by the composition approaching slowly to the end; a professional guitarist is faster to reach the end 🙂

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

12 responses to “J.S. BACH

  1. Very few people in the history of mankind have reached perfection. JSB certainly is one. 🙂


  2. Would we be happy if we reached the perfection of our lives???
    It’s the journey to reach it that is much more satisfying.
    Soothing sounds to enjoy while reading your post and commenting.
    You have found my passion in music – classical music. You have given us a most enjoyable guitar playing of Bach.


  3. Music is another voyage in our lives… it makes us, actually even to whom are not musicians… so I can imagine how great voyage for a musician to travel within the music in this life… Thank you it was nice post and fascinated me again, Love, nia


  4. Beautiful. Thanks.
    That made me feel good.


  5. I like the different feel of Back with your instrument. In fact, I appreciate the music that is being played in anticipation to your post coming up.


  6. Caddo

    Beautiful, Frizz–Beautiful!!


  7. vastlycurious.com

    Impressive Frizz. Gave me emotion again.


  8. I used to listen to this piece as a teenager – it gave the freedom to cry for no reason but its simple beauty…


  9. These photos are quite nice!


  10. The guitar is absolutely beautiful.


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