this land is your land!

I played THIS LAND IS MY LAND already 50 years ago – but it is still in my heart.
(photo above: me with Dobro guitar walking through the green, green grass of home)

Many famous musicians created wonderful versions – yesterday I discovered this on youtube- with 1-Arlo Guthrie, 2-Willie Nelson? (1988!), 3-Bruce Springsteen, 4-Taj Mahal, 5-Emmylou Harris, 6-Little Richard, 7-Bono, and then: John ‘Cougar’ Mellencamp and his band, “Sweet Honey In The Rock” etc.:

maybe it is not very clever, to destroy with battles between Republicans and Democrats a good image. Obamacare: In Europe health care for everyone is standard (in India, Africa and the US it seems not).

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10 responses to “this land is your land!

  1. Great post Frizz. Shame this land is now closed until further notice!


  2. Caddo

    Wow, that takes me back!


    • and that always takes me back
      (because my life started in an orphanage):
      Sweet Honey in the Rock:


      • Caddo

        What a beautiful performance, and rendition of the song. I’m more familiar with the traditional version, which was always so sad to me–my mother, though in the home, was emotionally distant, even cold toward me. Though I can’t imagine your life in an orphanage, I can tell you that a family which looks perfect from outward appearances, may not even be close to that. I am grateful God is eager to gather all who are orphaned, by whatever definition. May He bless you abundantly today, Frizz–love, Caddo


  3. Great song, Frizz. Love that photo of you and your guitar. 🙂


  4. Sad state of affairs. I was going to apply for SS this week, having paid into,it and all, but now… 😦
    How can a country founded on such great ideals have gotten to this point?


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