Memphis Minnie 1897-1973

Since I’m retired I have more time to follow my passion: to play fingerstyle guitar instrumentals. So I tried to play yesterday a tribute to MEMPHIS MINNIE, 1897-1973, yes, there are also women among the old blues masters, who influenced blues guitar roots…

photo, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT:
What an amazing contraption!
title=”What an amazing contraption!” – photo by National Library of Ireland on The Commons, on Flickr

Then, strolling through google and youtube I suddenly was very amused to discover a video featuring the song of Memphis Minnie – watch the bus driver in the second part of the video, as he consistently makes hunting a rebellious cop! Unforgettable also the horses that are animated by the general speed madness!

at first I heard about Memphis Minnie in this excellent book with blues guitar lessons by Richard Koechli:
above: click on the book cover to read more at flickr
below: link to – guitar lessons (with demo-CD)

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13 responses to “Memphis Minnie 1897-1973

  1. Nice playing. I enjoyed the listening.


  2. That was just a tremendous video clip. That music was a delight.


  3. always nice -either beginning of the day or the end! thanks! z


  4. Will you quit playing, every time I hear your playing I realize how unworthy I am to even own a guitar. The roots of your musical tree “Go Way Down” as they say. Great post and memories.


  5. Great music and wonderful video Frizz. Thanks for sharing with us tonight!


  6. What a priceless compilation, Frizz. I did not know about Memphis Minnie, so thanks for the magnificent intro chauffeur-wise – both your version and hers. The video is extraordinary.


  7. The video is wonderful and funny when it speeds up. I knew about Memphis Minnie because my hubby is such a music lover. The old songs and singers are his favorite. Great post and playing, Frizz.


  8. Amy

    I had a good laugh watching the video 😀 Chasing the cop was sooo funny!
    Great guitar playing, as always. Thank you, Frizz!


  9. Beautiful playing, Frizz and brilliant video!
    Happy August!


  10. Now that’s some wild vehicle maneuvering!!! Hysterical! Thanks, frizz. And thanks for the background pickin’. 😉


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