Advice At Crossroads

FrizzText: Sometimes, if you stand at crossroads, the dogma of your own thinking points to the right way . But the reality already disappeared for a long time towards the left. Or the other way around. The reality is malleable, supple, flexible, changeable. She dives secretly under the manufactured, ordered, commanded, instructed language and is always gone elsewhere. The outdated language remains like a wrong dress, without content. You have to search for the new, correctly describing language weekly.
209/365 turn left captain beaky
title=”209/365 turn left captain beaky” – photo by werewegian = Alan Stuart, Glasgow, Scotland, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
title=”on-top-of-the-triumph” – photo by Frizztext
the blues guitarist John Lee Hooker once said in an interview: “If I had been to school, learning to read and write – I wouldn’t be, who I am now.” Frizz: that means, language sometimes can destroy our identity (so it is good at least, if we know some other “languages”: music, photography, dancing …)

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20 responses to “Advice At Crossroads

  1. wow, that is a really nice video; is that a clip from the robert johnson movie? this morning at 8 this clip played from one end to the other! hoo-rah!!!!

    i went to the link, and it appears that the student extracted a small part from something – and i found the 1:34:43 movie Crossroad Blues/Road Movies… late late at night i will watch this!

    thanks for taking me to the Delta this morning.. and yesterday as well!


  2. Yes, Frizz, it’s definitely good to have other languages – especially music. Words can be so clumsy, lumpy and generally misunderstood. It’s easy to miss the finer meanings. Words can also make horrible weapons in the way music cannot, though of course the two might be (mis)used together to coerce or propagandise.


  3. Dear Frizz!!!
    Such a wonderful music>!!!!! It brings the weight of distant histories, of old dreams, of work and effort…I love it!
    I agree with Hooker´s words…Different languages allow the development of different corners of our soul…And sometimes soul takes a different path from brain…


  4. Knowing other languages is indeed good–sometimes I think poetry is a separate and distinct language: it doesn’t always have to “mean”, but “be”.


    • “poetry is a separate and distinct language:” yes of course, for sure your poetry, sometimes related to surrealism? automatic writing? There were decades I wrote poetry too, escaping the concrete language of political correctness. Then I discovered psychology, philosophy – all different languages. Then I read Umberto Ecco and his theory of signs / semantic – and realized, mathematics, photography, music, body language of dancers, painting, sports – are all different languages / expressions of human messages …


  5. Enjoyed the video immensely. Would love to see the entire movie. Thanks.


  6. We have to constantly reevaluate and expand our assumptions of what language is – like art, music and time it is fluid and changing, it keeps us connected not only to the past and present but forces us to embrace the future.


  7. You are amazing, I enjoyed so much, Thank you dear Frizz, have a nice weekend, love, nia


  8. languages are strange sometimes. Between the message that we emits and how it is received, there’s a gap, differences….Sometimes a wrong language, sometimes a wrong reception.
    With songs, poems, it’s even more difficult. for example this song :

    It’s not about traffic jam 😀


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