Clouds Over Paris

Reading about Anthony GELOT on his profile website [French translated by google]: “I’m pretty colorblind (dichromate more exactly) which is a bit annoying from time to time for some photos…” – I thought: What a great impetus, to become a fascinating black and white photographer!
Sacré Coeur B&W
Sacré Coeur with clouds, Paris, France – photo by Anthony GELOT, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter the photographer’s galleries on! This photo was taken on April 7, 2013 in Bas Belleville, Paris, Ile-de-France, FR, using a Nikon D800
my music suggestion: NUAGES (= clouds), the famous Django Reinhardt composition:

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12 responses to “Clouds Over Paris

  1. Sonel

    Absolutely stunning shot! 🙂


  2. Stunning. Almost looks like an etching.


  3. What an amazing b/w photo. Beautiful.


  4. The clouds are majestic and black and white seems to intensify the scene, not distract. Just stunning. And your musical choices are always nicely paired.


  5. The shot is great, specially the sky, so dramatic…And the song is beautiful…And it DOES remind me some holidays in Paris….Good choice!!! And thanks a lot Frizz!


  6. I’ve been taking some photos, recently, that are going to be black and white. I was looking for my photos to be more dramatic. I think that B&W does that. Nice image …


  7. Allyson Mellone

    Anthony Gelot creates very saturated photographs that represent magical worlds. This one is so dramatic…like a puff of genie setting you somewhere! And, enjoyed the Django Reinhardt French gypsy music along with it. Both together creates an ESCAPE moment, which I am sure you intended!


    • Hi Allyson, elegance is what I discover anywhere in your environment: your books walls or the jewelry collections [designed by you], your blog design, your almost unbelievable staircase – and many of your very kind comments!


  8. For me, it’s not a true picture but a “photoshoped” picture….but a good one. I lived there for several years.The sky can be beautiful but sometimes night is beautiful in the morning when the sun is not quite there.
    I made some pictures with my old camera before leaving paris, like this one :
    But now I prefer the sky of Normandy, or in the country side, like the painter Sisley did a century ago.


  9. Wow, a spectacular photo!
    Those clouds look like they are about to swallow the city.


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