Discipline and Punish

The French philosopher Michel Foucault wrote an interesting essay about a nation’s typical strategies of how to “Discipline and Punish“. For sure there are great differences between France or the USA, Russia or Iran, Germany or China.
Compare how political bloggers are bullied in Iran or China, Cuba or Russia.
Yesterday I was surprised when I heard interviews, how to deal with the assassin killed in Boston. No U.S. cemetery wants to take him. A woman screamed: “Throw him to the sharks for feeding!” So were the procedures with Osama bin Laden. Guantanamo Bay is still nice compared with that.
In Germany is just a right-wing woman in court, Beate Zschaepe, which is involved in a series of murders of nine foreign nationals. The German authorities made disappear some incriminating files. Now she stands in front of the cameras, arrogant, dressed in an elegant, expensive black Boss suit. Perhaps the officials of the NSU-trial  should force her to wear the striped suits of former concentration camp prisoners, so that she could understand what she did.
photo by Claudio.Ar, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! – click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr:
How do you not hear the music?? (Jaws) :D / ¿¿Cómo no oyen la música?? (Tiburón) :D
Yesterday I was surprised when I heard interviews, how to deal with the assassin killed in Boston. No U.S. cemetery wants to take him. A woman screamed: “Throw him to the sharks for feeding!”
According to Foucault, at first Christianity has prepared (and then cemented) submissiveness and esprit de corps. The subsequent neo-conservative societies only had to use those structures. Foucault: “The bourgeoisie is intelligent, shrewd and calculating. No form of government has ever been so terrible and so so dangerous.” The neo-conservative elites are gradually reducing meanwhile contradicted civil rights, be it freedom, termination, protection, etc. – they subsidize globally operating banker cliques [nothing more than gambling debts] from taxes, but attack trade unionists and protesting workers and push them to the existence minimum.

German Fragment:
In Deutschland steht gerade eine rechtsradikale Frau vor Gericht, Beate Zschäpe, die in eine Mordserie an 9 Ausländern verwickelt ist. Die deutschen Behörden ließen manche belastende Akten verschwinden. Vor den Kameras steht sie nun da, arrogant im eleganten schwarzen Boss-Anzug. Vielleicht sollte man sie zwingen, die gestreifte Kleidung ehemaliger KZ-Häftlinge zu tragen, damit sie kapiert, was sie getan hat.


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9 responses to “Discipline and Punish

  1. Very interesting parralel !


  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This is fascinating. I really appreciated learning this.

    I didn’t know no cemetery wants that bomber. That’s quite a helluva insult. I mean, even psychopaths & rapists rest in a grave eventually.

    And yes what you said about political bloggers in China etc. Seriously interesting piece. Cheers.


    • I like many of your autobiographical articles, also:
      “HISTORY IN THE MAKING / Anne Frank and countless others caught history because they could not help but record their existence. They could not help but say…”
      frizz-reply: writing makes free, a kind of putting something into a public grave


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