Asian Religions

In my article about the subliminal power of fashion some feedbacks with my reader Fergiemoto developed a dispute over the term of serenity. Perhaps this is the main advantage of the Asian religions compared with Islam and Christianity, that they make it very clear and put it in the foreground as a goal: placidity, coolness, serenity …
Girl with snake in a washtub
title: “Girl with snake in a washtub” – photo by Vita Ital (Russia / France), taken in a floating village: Tonle Sap lake, Cambodia, tagged with “serenity” and kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! – click on the picture to enter her galleries
There are many philosophical articles about placidity [German: “Gelassenheit” – the most famous essay by Martin Heidegger], because coolness is a goal for all philosophers; the Stoa (philosophical school) or several religions in Asia have their focus on aplomb, placidity, meditation, serenity
Inamaluwa - Sigiriya road
Sri Lankan elephant – Inamaluwa – Sigiriya road – photo by Vassilis Chrysanthou, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! – click on the picture to enter his galleries
Vielleicht ist das der Hauptvorteil der asiatischen Religionen gegenüber dem Islam und dem Christentum, dass sie sehr deutlich das Ziel der Gelassenheit in den Vordergrund stellen.
Boats, Varanasi
Man and boats on holy Ganges in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India: photo by Marji Lang, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! – click on the picture to enter her galleries
step by step I enjoyed more and more the comments of my readers. They often inspired me to dive deeper into a topic. The result now is a print edition “Fragments And Feedbacks” – 100 pages, only words, no photos, a “best of” (so far) out of more than 1,200 articles – if you are interested please visit fragments-and-feedbacks

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15 responses to “Asian Religions

  1. Wow these are great images, the child is mesmerising.


  2. oh my goodness! that child looks so serene! z


  3. Wow! Fab shots Frizz!The one of the little girl is truly outstanding!
    I don’t think (average) Asians analyse religion very much Frizz. It is just a way of life. And most people are too busy ‘surviving’ to have time for things like that 🙂 And that is possibly the cause of their constant state of serenity and happiness, despite the hardship!


  4. onderful post… Reminded me Gregory Colbert’s “Ashes and Snow”…!vision
    I agree with your thoughts dear Frizz, in my opinion in the west everything runs, but in the east just time runs… Placidity, serenity, etc. should be amazing… On the other hand, our minds are so busy and full of many things… In japan culture there is an expression, “Tadaima”, means, “just now”, “right now”… By using this, they want to explain this, our worries or anxieties, or fears about our sorrows of the past, memories, or future plans, taking us from now… Without “now”, I mean without living now, can’t be serenity, happiness in the life. So man should be in now and should live the now… For this, he needs to keep his mind into the now situation…. But it is not easy, of course, this is a kind of meditation, or concentration…Thank you, it was a nice subject and you made a nice point. Love, nia


  5. That photo of the little girl is striking.


  6. Each photo is a picture of peacefulness. The child with snake is hard to break away from. I keep going back and taking another look. Fascinating, frizz.


  7. I think serenity is very counter to North American culture and I wonder whether Christianity follows the culture rather than suggesting a new and different attitude. It’s not immoral for Christians or Muslims to be busy and boisterous and so few churches even mention the idea of reflection as a daily practice or harmony as something to aim for in daily life.

    In China people are encouraged to be harmonious and in Japan that’s even truer. Both cultures value introverts more and have more people with type A blood. (Blood types in east Asia are said to be related to personality, like the zodiac.) In this system type A people are considered more introverted. Introverts do tend to like serenity. I know I do.


  8. I agree the child has some magic…I would be unable to do what she is doing,,,Difficult without snake, imagine with it!!!!
    But I do love as well the elephant…Seems he is smiling and he remembers me my Sigh, when lying while I am petting her…
    I wonder if we, humans, are so similar among us and we do thing animals are!


  9. Beautiful images today, I love the elephant. It looks so calm and trusting.


  10. And my choice for the ” no comment ” picture of the day was …. asia : and I didn’t read your post before.


  11. Amy

    I almost missed this post… I think it’s true that “Asia have their focus on aplomb, placidity, meditation, serenity”. Most Asians don’t always relate that to their religion, but more to philosophy. For religion, you have to believe first; as for philosophy, you learn, develop, and grow, and you may not believe it. My 2 cents.


  12. Lovely post FT. All of the photos are beautiful and contribute nicely to your message.


  13. Perhaps it was more like “seeking or exploring the meaning” of the term rather than a “dispute.”

    This is a thought provoking post which is well accompanied by the fabulous images. The young girl with the snake wrapped around her neck appears to be fearless. I don’t think I could have such composure and confidence under that circumstance…regardless of the meditative activities I practice to achieve more calmness and balance.

    Thank you for the mention of my name!


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