Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Funny

A fellow blogger (ideflex) organizes a weekly two-cents-tuesday-challenge; this week’s topic: FUNNY. Trying to participate I remembered a very funny gallery composed at – you can see a lot of cats there – extremely exhausted. The photo below was sent by the Dutch artist Ineke Kamps to my group “Blog it”:
Flat cat - not dead
title=”Flat cat – not dead” – photo by moggierocket / Ineke Kamps, click on the picture to enter her galleries on Flickr
1 –

2 –

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13 responses to “Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Funny

  1. Oh, gosh, this is really funny! She must be “dead”-tired or pooped 😉 !


  2. cobbledtoolbox

    Perfect choice.


  3. Love the title – thanks for the really big laugh! It’s purrrfect for the challenge…


  4. This looks like my sister’s cat when he’s playing. I throw toys at him and he follows them with his eyes.


  5. made me smile… so lovely. Cats are crazy, they sleep everywhere (or in a strange places) and also in a funny way… I loved this one. Thank you, love, nia


  6. I can’t get my cat to look at me when I try to take a picture. I guess this kitty feels the same way about cameras. 🙂


  7. Priceless ….. !!!! Brilliant choice.


  8. Great great great pic!


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