What’s up in Mali?

What’s up in Mali? Saw some political statements on TV – and a very good photo gallery from boston.com/bigpicture: Mali endures in conflict – “Bus passengers fleeing fighting between Islamist militants and French and Malian troops” or happy people with French flags there, others sad or wounded, Malian boys play soccer, Malian women are cooking on the streets, other people donate blood or carry heavy loads on bicycles, Tuareg men sitting and thinking and Christian women dancing, French helicopters landing and cows passing a bridge guarded by a Malian soldier, “an Islamist rebel burnt by inhabitants” – what’s going on in Mali? Great social differences …
A bakery in the street of Timbuktu - Mali
title=”A bakery in the street of Timbuktu” – Mali, photo by hjfklein / Hansjoerg Klein, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr


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7 responses to “What’s up in Mali?

  1. So viele Brennpunkte weltweit. Es ist beängstigend!!!


  2. Hello, thank you soo much for including my picture in your blog. This photo was taken during our stay in Timbuktu when it still was in peace. A city with immense itums of ancient times and beloved by the inhabitants and visitors like me. Hope is coming back to this fantastic city. We did take our breakfast breds from this woman in the morning and they tasted really good. Again, thanks for your blog for Mali friends
    Hansjoerg Klein


  3. So much chaos in such a beautiful country! Love that evocative image.


  4. So sad. I really feel for those ordinary peace loving people caught up in the conflict there.


  5. Mali is at the top of my bucket list but I doubt I’ll ever get there.


  6. laura@eljaygee

    Almost mythical until the recent images from here – ‘going to Timbuktu’ was a saying which meant a very distant, outlandish place


  7. At least as of today, the fighting has calmed a bit… sad again!


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