School Shooting

Sometimes certain individuals think, the only solution to get satisfaction should done by a gun. But I still believe, that permanent communication is the only way to avoid, that every three years somewhere a hidden, blocked aggression runs a surreal climax to a show down of an absurd outburst. Sorry for Newtown, Connecticut, that all the school massacres before didn’t change the gun law in the U.S.
on violence
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26 responses to “School Shooting

  1. It is a horrible senseless tragedy, Frizz. And the National Rifle Association’s solution to this ugly gun violence is more guns. I have never shot or even held a gun, and I hope I never will.


  2. These events are becoming commonplace and that is the scary part of it…. Such enormous tragedy… My heart and head hurt!


  3. It is so sad that this incident will have been years in the making. What was happening to that young man to move him to a point where he acted as he did yesterday?
    None of us is perfect. We all need to look at ourselves, how we speak, how we act, how we love/hate, how we control, how we set free, how we encourage or pull down. Everything we do can either strengthen another and encourage them, or pull them down.
    Unfortunately, too many of us live in a place where we are not heard, respected, loved, listened to and encouraged.
    Today, I am saying to myself “What do I need to learn from this?” May my words only build up and not tear down.
    Praying for the victims families and those innocent family members of the culprit who are having to come to terms with the situation.


  4. Such a sad and tragic day for all.


  5. So much sadness, heartache and loss.


  6. We don’t understand it either, how it continues and seems more frequent.
    Your post is excellent. Why is nothing done to change this trend? I have no answer. What a sad,sad day.


  7. so true, a lot of school massacres have happened in the past and yet nothing was done to avoid the same tragedy.. that’s what really puzzled me, there should have stricter or strictest kind of law especially in owning guns.. most of the victims are innocent children..


  8. Exactly right, Frizz. It is so sad that all the massacres that went before were not enough to put strict gun controls in place. I read, or heard, in the onslaught of news last night that the guns used at Sandy Hook Elementary were purchased by the shooter’s mother and were registered to her. Why on earth would she have wanted those guns?


    • Exactly my thought!


    • I’ve been a teacher in an elementary school some years – it’s absurd for me, to buy guns – on the other hand, I met some (female) persons, who would if they could … – but of course there are so many other subtle methods to destroy a person’s self respect, founding a hidden escalation of anger – till the outburst makes all neighbors say: “… oh I didn’t expect that”. If there had been more than worthless small talk, many neighbors had had the chance to notice some tension before – in USA and in Germany as well, where we also had two big school massacres (Erfurt and Winnenden).


  9. There are no words.


  10. Praying for the families!



  11. Amy

    As President Obama said, .”..take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics…” There is just no excuse not to take action.


  12. “No words can console the parents of the children murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School or describe the pain and shock of such an unspeakable tragedy. No words can comfort the loved ones of those brutally taken from us today. All Americans share our prayers and our grief over these horrifying events.
    “We are all stunned, shocked, and distraught by this tragic shooting, by this violent act, and by the loss of so many young children. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the students, teachers, and educators killed and wounded in Newtown, Connecticut. The entire nation will continue to stand as a source of support to this community in the days and weeks to come.”

    I join in the sorrow of this great American tragedy.
    There are no words.
    I have copied Obama’s speech that I find respectful and heard.


  13. Thought provoking that the 3 countries in our so-called civilized world that has the most liberal gun laws – USA, Finland and Switzerland – also without competition has (also in relation to size) the large numbers of massacre where an idiot going crazy and mass murdering innocent – perhaps misunderstood freedom – or a good weapon lobby… :-/


  14. Solche katastrophen entstehen, da die manche menschen nicht die fähigkeit oder möglichkeit haben ihre probleme mit anderen menschen zu besprechen und dadurch zu einer gewaltfreien lösung kommen .
    Wie groß muß ein hass sein, dass man ihn an wehrlosen kindern ausläßt.


  15. It’s just unbelievable.


  16. It doesn’t make sense. Poor babies.. :-(


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