we don’t need no more trouble

We don’t need no more trouble – there are enough problems daily sent to us via all those media news – so sometimes I like to retreat, eyes closed, only listening to my guitar, leaving the world behind …
Existentialism 1
photo: me, playing on my resonator guitar (Dobro)
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13 responses to “we don’t need no more trouble

  1. I am with you. It is so hard to escape all the tragedy. I like to go on my runs but unfortunately that is when my mind does most of its thinking.


  2. Wolfgang Hermann

    but there will come more troubles for example with weather and/or water


  3. amen to we don’t need anymore trouble!!!


  4. ….”what we need is love” to guide us on


  5. Hi dietmar
    Thank you for the link to “change the world”,
    Die Musikstücke sind sehr tröstlich für mich


  6. Thanks for this positive post Dietmar. I had, just by happenstance, not watch or listened to the news for about 2 months. On the 14th I turned on the tv to watch one of my favourite shows and the first thing I saw was a special report on the elementary school shooting in Connecticut. I think I will go at least another 2 months without watching the news.😦


  7. Reblogged this on Rund um den Kabinettstisch und kommentierte:
    Truly said, dear Frizztext. Like the project.


  8. I hear you… It is so unnerving too. Peace in the world people!


  9. You’re right. Too many tragedies around us. Personally, I try to overcome one more of the many tragedies that have happened to me this year: the death of cousins February, the death of her mother in June and 15 December, he died suddenly my favorite brother. I am aware that life goes on and that his dear ones to always be in our hearts, but at this moment is for me too tragedy in such a short time. Though I love to listen to music, even though the photograph my favorite hobby at the moment I can not think the present moment and the attention to music and photography. Thanks for the beautiful text.


  10. I agree with you. From time to time I stop reading or watching news to only watch or read things that I can enjoy and make me feel happy. I think doing this is good for mental health.


  11. Excellent music! Thanks.


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