Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

REFLECTIONS = the experience, to see something in a second variation – like a thinker, who changes the point of view too …
photo taken by frizztext; for more click on the picture to visit his photo galleries on flickr …
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56 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

  1. Wow, that was fast 🙂 Beautiful shot!


    • hi Tina,
      let my add some non-photographic reflections about the city PADOVA, where I took this photo:

      Pathetic places need horse (or gondola) races; this one gives a chance for modern roller-bladers too, I think. The magic scenography of the large elliptical place PRATO DELLA VALLE in Padua (Padova, Italy) is a variation of the big amphitheater of this town which already has been well known 4 hundred years before Christ. Though deleted completely in the year 600 by the Logobardes this city is still living. The foundation of the university (1222), where Galilei worked, the big city walls (16th century) or this powerful urban construction PRATO DELLA VALLE (= the photo above, fragment of the old circle for horse races, built in the 18th century) is a visual sign. Nowadays the architect Libeskind has built a September Eleven (2001) memorial – or Kengo Kuma’s architectural work is presented in the old town-hall PALAZZO DELLA RAGIONE (12th century).
      now a (philosophical) REFLECTION: Something to criticize? Yes. The pope put away the statue of GARIBALDI in Padova’s center piazza. In the middle of the place of Garibaldi now we can find a Madonna-statue… (forgive me, I would prefer to meet for an interview Garibaldi more than to meet the current pope Benedetto XVI.)


      • I spent some time in Padova two years ago and thought it was one of the most beautiful cities I had seen in Italy. Your photo really captures that!


      • laura@eljaygee

        but a meeting with the Madonna might be best of all 😉 several dimensions to your reflections all bathed in a liquid amber light


  2. Beautiful shot, Frizz!


  3. Really nice shot! Love the reflection and the golden glow of the sunset on the building.


  4. vastlycurious.com

    The colors are soooo rich..great late sun too- Wonderful!


  5. Such rich colours, and the water so still the reflection is as crisp as the topside image, fabulous!


  6. Double sunny, a very warm photo.


  7. Just gorgeous, the shot, the lighting. Beautiful!


  8. Beautiful reflection, Frizz! […ah, that point of view!]


  9. wonderful!!!! ♥♥♥


  10. Absolutely lovely photograph.


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  14. Dear Frizz,
    This is a striking photo–so beautiful, golden warm! Before I forget, I saw this last month and thought of you, so I snapped this picture and have been meaning to send it. Happy Halloween!


  15. Great shot for the theme, ft. 🙂


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  17. Amy

    Calmly beautiful! Thank you, Frizz!


  18. This really rocks! Great entry!


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  21. Wonderful captured… 🙂


  22. What a great town and reflection. 🙂


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  24. The colors and lighting is just amazing. Beautiful shot as always 🙂


  25. reflection about 30 years before

    yemen reflection


  26. this image will stay with me for al long long time. A perfect shot


  27. Such a beautiful photo .. and thanks for adding the non-photographic reflections about that city – it’s highly interesting for me as I’ve not been there yet.
    I’ve just started exploring flickr and it seems to be a great place to store and share photos. I keep mine with fotki.com since 2007 but I think I’ll be using flickr as well.


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  33. wisdompartner

    What a beautiful photo; especially the light. Thanks for the follow on my blog. I’ll be checking back!


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  35. The whole photo is amazing – the composition, the perspective, the lighting, the colors – all wonderful! 🙂 Nothing less from you, of course.


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  37. Lu

    Gorgeous reflections and I love the light 🙂


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  39. This is a magnificent shot… I love it! 🙂


  40. Wow! What a great photo, Frizz!


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