Because I’m trying to combine the wordpress and the flickr activities: Let me introduce the latest flickr idea: – do you know your own “best shot” of 2012? For sure difficult to decide! I’ll begin with my bicycle photo – though I know, there are soooo much better shots in the web – for example compare my article !
photo by frizztext, click on the picture to enter my galleries on flickr
If you have time to search for other contributions to the project “yourbestshot2012”, explore – or put a link to your own version in the comment boxes below …
I’ll continue to introduce some “bestshot2012” – using photos, which are sent to my group
compare also: best-photos-of-the-year-2012

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writer, photographer, guitarist

46 responses to “your-best-shot-2012

  1. Love the fixi! Finding the best shot is never easy….


  2. Really love this shot. 🙂


  3. Love the symmetry , contrast , angles and circles, reflection and lighting! Yes this is a great shot!


  4. I went trough some of my pictures the other day and in each one I could see why it was not the perfect shot


  5. So etwas habe ich noch nie gesehen. Deine Frage ist nicht leicht zu beantworten, muss ich erst einmal drüber nachdenken.
    Einen schönen 1. Advent wünsche ich.


  6. What a superb set of contrasts in this shot!


    • dear Patti,
      we did not have the chance, to take a shot like the one below, just sent to my group BLOG IT:
      Day 118 - 4/27/12: Space Shuttle Enterprise Landing at JFK Airport
      title=”Day 118 – 4/27/12: Space Shuttle Enterprise Landing at JFK Airport” – photo by IslesPunkFan, sent to my group BLOG IT! on Flickr


  7. Amy

    Wow!! These are high standards, hard to match… What a cool theme, Frizz. Thank you!


  8. I can’t say I’m very impressed with my photos this year but one of my best would have to be
    I really love your bicycle shot!


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  10. Your bike image is quite artistic!
    I’m joining in, linking to your post but not the Flickr group.


  11. Right in the exact moment a photo may be the best perfect shot – not over time – the time change – but it doesn’t make previously perfect shot worse – moment has just moved – it corresponds to discuss if Eiffel Tower or a thunderclap is highest… 🙂 😉


    • still very high: the Golden Gate Bridge (what’s about your new bridge in Denmark?):
      The Planning and Shooting of the GGB Fireworks
      title=”The Planning and Shooting of the GGB Fireworks” – photo by S Ty Photography, sent to my group BLOG IT on Flickr


  12. Bicycles make great subjects! You have given me an idea!


  13. I liked the bicycle, then the zebras, the horses, the hot air balloons, the ceiling of the Pantheon.


  14. I love taking photos of bicycles (as you may have noticed!) and I am quite jealous of this one with the tiles.


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