Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

THANKFUL: I am thankful that I have one wife, two daughters, three grandsons and 4 guitars, food and a warm kitchen to live in – and time to write in my daily blog!
caring for the kids
photo taken by frizztext; for more click on the picture to visit his photo galleries on flickr …
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I'm part of Post A Day 2012

Put Your Hand in the Hand – Happy Thanksgiving!

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websites: 1 - my wordpress blog "flickrcomments" at FLICKRCOMMENTS, 2 - my photos at frizztext, 3 - my guitar exercises fingerstyle_guitar, 4 - my museum-series The MUSEUM SERIES

35 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

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  2. And that’s a fabulous b & w photograph.


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  4. ¸.•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪May your week ahead be filled with thankful moments! .♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ♥


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  6. Yes, I remember that photo from flickr Dietmar. One of my favorites of yours! And you are right — so often we don’t remember to be thankful. I miss the big Thanksgiving American dinners too :-) Still, I must add this as I must — Thanksgiving was a custom created by the pilgrims in the U.S. — for the bounty and land they believed the “Lord” gave them. It was a day of mourning though for the Native American tribes who lost their land, tribes and lives with the new settlement.


  7. Beautiful shot :)


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  9. and thankful you have the skill to play your guitars and the heart to love your family


  10. Children look so happy. :)


  11. You must be a very happy man! There are three guitars in our home (2 basses for my son and an acoustic guitar for my wife). No grands and two children. Enjoy your blessings, there’s much to be thankful for!


  12. Talented and lucky too. :-)


  13. I have to say…I don’t normally follow photo blogs, but yours is amazing! I am following it now :) I love your emphasis on culture, not just photography. Thanks for liking my picture of Iraqi refugees (http://tinyurl.com/aohgmhj), and for following my blog! :)


  14. Wow, this is such a great shot. The lines of the floorboards, the curves of the table legs, the unusual guitar, the subjects, You’ve got it all in one image.


  15. EXCELLENT pic! Another of your many bests! Happy Thanksgiving!


  16. Wolfgang Hermann

    i am thankful that my knee is after an accident 7 month before now in a good condition again

    the happy guitarplayer


  17. kz

    that’s a very lovely photo :) and indeed very wonderful reasons to be thankful :)


  18. awwww that is beautiful


  19. Beautiful family, frizztext. And, yes, another great shot. I like your daughter’s stillness and the kid’s frantic energy.


  20. Northern Narratives

    Makes me smile :)


  21. britta fritze

    oh wie lieb von dir. morgen geh ich das erste mal nach vier wochen wieder reiten und freu mich riesig. es geht momentan nicht wegen eneas eingewöhnung in die kita – er macht sich aber ganz toll und geht wirklich gern. grüss den bären, alles liebe britta

    Von meinem iPod gesendet


  22. Your blessings abound. I’m so glad you have only one wife. :)


  23. What more could we ask? :-)


  24. Those were my thoughts exactly – husband, daughter and the grandkids :-) Beautiful shot Frizz! Are they twins?


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