Tumult In Tampa

Paula Broadwell loved general David Petraeus, then Paula became anxious that Jill Kelley could find some attention by David Petraeus too, though Jill had already her focus on general John R. Allen. So Paula Broadwell sent some e-mails to Jill Kelley, therefore Jill Kelley asked her topless friend from FBI to do something – John Updike liked those stories. Tampa news actually have their climax to a big tumult: It seems, that our understanding how things usually go is always not complete – too often many things are hidden … – but do we really need those news?
Magistrates – Originally uploaded by fesign = Istvan Kadar, Toronto – click on the picture to enter fesign’s flickr galleries
character’s for a John Updike like Broadway theater script: David Petraeus + Paula Broadwell, John R. Allen + Jill Kelley

12 responses to “Tumult In Tampa

  1. They remind me of Spy vs Spy from the Magazine :-)


  2. Those birds know more about what went on than I do. The topper is the general’s unquestioned reputation for high integrity. Maybe he can go into fund-raising like Lance Armstrong.


  3. Amy

    but do we really need those news??– I have been asking…


  4. Good question! The image on the other hand is stunning :-)


  5. Great captured – title, image and story… :-) ;-)


  6. The whole thing is just tragic… :-(


  7. The image is beautiful! Lately there are too many supposed “heroes” letting me down…:-(


  8. No, we don’t need “news” like that but we do need birds like those. Thanks.


  9. So much garbage passes for news and vice versa – pull the plug out of cable tv and leave raggy newspapers where they belong – as liners for birdcages. Even cruising www for what’s actually going on in the world can be problematic… Lovely photo BTW, they look very wise!


  10. That is a fantastic shot! They are certainly keeping an “eye” on each other.


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