Story Challenge: Letter “T”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “T”? For example I’ve written about TRACKS (read below) and typewriters, Tacitus or Taiwan, T-shirts and tornados, Tunisia or Turkey, about terrorism and the Twin Towers, the Titanic and the East German car TRABI, about trains and tanks, Toronto and Thykydides, testosterone and translations, theology and tits, tractor rhythms and tango dancers, twitter and tumblr, trombones and trumpets etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “T”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “T”!!!


Year after year passes – and we leave a track like this swan too, metaphorically. What is the result? And what is the sum of our parents and other ancestors? What will be the résumé of our lives for our own kids and grandchildren? Which of your footprints, prints, actions, decisions should be mentioned, when you are dead and gone?
Tracks photo by Shuggie / Karl Williams, click on the picture to enter her galleries on Flickr: P.S.: he told me: “it’s in much demand as a Christmas card – for the 3rd year in succession with a variety of publishers – not bad for a lucky grab shot!”
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89 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “T”

  1. advocacine

    Great Idea!!! Thanks for the like / Reflections/Mirror Painting!


  2. Late entry for Letter T….. Taj Mahal.


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  4. Well, here in the U.S. it is now time for the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you enjoy my “Thanksgiving Reflections”.


  5. Amy

    Great shot, Frizz! “Which of your footprints” is a good questions. We do need to think about it…
    Here is my entry:
    Happy weekend!


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  7. That’s quite a stunning shot! somehow, I never imagined a swan on snow !
    My entry for the week:


  8. Hi Frizz!!!
    A bit late….Difficult work to do…
    Hope you enjoy it!!!


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  10. Excellent photo and metaphor! You pose a very good and wise question…very creative thinking, Frizz.

    Here is my entry…it is also a metaphor:


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  12. Tracks. Interesting. I like it. :-)


  13. Now we can see that swans walk like Charlie Chaplin… ‘hahaha’

    Wonderful track image… :-)


  14. goodness, if i waited for two more letters, i could have had a full house of alphabet images!


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  16. Nothing profound from me – just tracking the daily lives of Londoners. When I think of the tracks I’ve left, retracing footsteps comes to mind!


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  18. train track in Berlin, photo by frizztext
    red train to Berlin


    • you’ve written a wonderful train tribute!
      your words “the bright train light cutting through a still dark morning” gave me a flashback to a decade in my life, when I used a train very early in the morning to reach my job. the tracks followed a river. icy river in winter, foggy river mostly, in summer cormorants hunting fishes, canoes waiting on the shore for the next ride, once some cattle waited on the track for the train to say hello. the locomotive could not stop quickly enough …
      more at


      • I’ve ridden trains in the winter past the frozen landscape, and watched people practice Tai Chi in a park in the early morning…and there so many fascinating moments when we ride trains, like the ones you shared. :)


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  20. Love the photo…couldn’t help but think of the Footprints in The Sand story



    I took this pic with my old Blackberry phone in the Summer of 2011 while hiking with two of my good friends


  22. Wow … hey Frizz … what an awesome shot!!!


  23. Love your tracks. Here is my entry.



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  26. kz

    it’s such a beautiful photo and your challenge has allowed me to tap deep into my emotions.. thank you


    • you’ve created a thought provoking tombstone for your father!
      “You fled this world
      Leaving behind
      A trail of errors
      With tormenting waves
      That will ripple through time…”


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  28. Beautiful and the swan is like a human beings.


  29. Superb image Frizz!
    Perhaps the wise swan is suggesting you measure your steps, so you will never need to look back :-)
    Here is my entry- the first instalment of the Takayama Autumn festival:


    • Takayama Hachiman Matsuri is also a ‘temple car’ festival. Taking place annually on 9 & 10 October, this autumn festival, is considered one of three most beautiful festivals in Japan
      as a thanksgiving ritual we yearly invite some friends to eat together a goose …


      • Not as colourful :-D


        • Takayama Hachiman Matsuri ‘temple car’ festival = wonderful Japanese lantern light effects – we have in Germany the yearly ritual of St. Martin who is riding a horse, followed by children with colorful lanterns – the finish of the street event, surrounding a big fire: knight St. Martin spends a half of his warm coat and some bread


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  31. Frizz..I love the pic…I have never seen a swan on the snow…I like the words as well…But who knows…May be our tracks will blow away with the first wind from the South ..
    Looking for something for the challenge, I leave thou by now…


  32. Tracks are irreversible, can’t go back, so I think the “trick” is, think before making the next step! That swan wisely looks forward …but we are human!
    Nice theme, Frizz! :-)


  33. Isn’t the swan photo superb!


  34. Wolfgang Hermann

    my part:
    30 t
    30 t


  35. Wolfgang Hermann

    lovely indeed
    well seen and fine captured
    and a hate the snow


  36. Here’s my entry, something I wrote a few years ago called Transmigrations of the Soul, a little salute to Isaac Bashevis Singer, one of my favorite writers.


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  38. Quite a photo. Hoping this is not your swan song. Ha. That swan, that duck seems to have the sense not to look behind, not to worry about his tracks. It’s us humans that bother with such thoughts. Of course these thoughts are interesting to us humans. At least when our past deeds are not fowl.


  39. Dear Frizz,
    This is a really lovely photograph, paired with a very poetic thought. I think it is an important question we need to ask ourselves again and again.

    Here is a short thought about the Titanic from my blog, called “The Titanic Connection.”


  40. Very poetic, Frizz. I like it.
    Our featured photographer in GatheringBooks, Blanche Berzamin-Acabado, has chosen the theme T is for Tiny Traveler for your A-Z Photo Challenge. Here is the link:


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