Story Challenge: Letter “G”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “G”? For example I’ve written about an old GOSPEL (watch below) or about GREECE, about GRASSHOPPERs or GUITARISTs, GHANA or GERMANY, GYM or GRAFFITI, GREY or GREEN, GORILLA or GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, GIRLS or GHOSTS etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “G”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “G”!!!

Go Down Moses

My first song on my guitar! But now, 50 years later, I understand, that I wanted to leave the place where I was fenced in: “GO DOWN FRIZZY” – yes, I did, and now, 50 years later at least I’ve build my own world, 100 km away … QUESTION: Did you leave the town where you went to school – or are you still there?


featuring neither GOD nor Gandalf but stumbleon / Fred Roessler
– click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries

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68 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “G”

  1. Oh Frizz, Your rendition of Let my people Go, is so beautiful, heartfelt!


  2. Gandalf?

    I left the school and city where I grew up. It was suburban Sydney. I left as soon as I finished College and have rarely been back. Now I live 500km north of the city.


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  5. Watching the. “ghost ”
    watching the ghosts


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  7. Truly very moving music. I agree with Nelli, you do look like Gandalf here. 🙂 As to your question, I have moved away from my hometown as I am now based in Singapore for the past four years. 🙂

    My G photo contribution this week is Grand Canyon. 🙂 Here is the link:


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  9. I love your song for the letter G challenge. Here is my entry:



  10. Hi Frizztext. In early with the G archive to make up for last week.


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  15. such sweet music frizz, deep and soulful! i live far from where i grew up …. here is my G


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  17. Love the music and the last photo … super.


  18. Ah, Frizz, so beautifully played…


  19. What a great challenge- I signed up.
    What better “G” than grandchildren:


  20. Beautifully played Frizz! I am far from the place I went to school too 🙂


  21. Beautifully played… 😉

    My father was a danish military officer when I was a school boy, so we moved a bit around – my first 10 years at school was shared between 4 schools – 3 danish and one german – like them all… 😉

    To day I live far away from all 4 but still in contact with friends from all 4 places… 😉


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  23. Amy

    Really enjoyed your guitar playing. Thank you so much!


  24. “Go Down, Moses” was one of the earliest African-American spirituals that I learned! Thanks so much for the memories! I am thinking right now of “Go pick a peck of pickled peppers”!


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    • thank you Madhu for thinking of Gandhi for my
      in dialogues with the feminist writer Rita Banerji, Kolkata, we came to the point, that maybe we need sometimes anger and rage to have the power to CHANGE bad conditions; maybe Gandhi was too passive …


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  30. Beautiful music! I now live away from the place I grew up in, but am back in the state of my forefathers!
    My entry for this week-


    • thanks for joining my “G” stories with
      “Grandmothers are the voices of the past
      and role models of the present” –
      and maybe giving some ideas for the next generation too…


  31. Here is mine, combined with some quotes and the Photo Challenge “Growth”. Summer growth provides and abundant harvest and picturesque near perfect vegetables. Lots of rain this summer!


  32. I left it Frizz but I haven’t found ‘home’, the place that feels right…maybe I should go back?!


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