A-Z Archive: G! Challenge

This week’s topic for our A-Z ARCHIVE photo challenge: the “G” archive: introduce one photo of your own archive with a “G” keyword for example GREECE (like me) or GYM, GRASSHOPPER or GUITARIST, GHANA or GERMANY, GULL or GRAFFITI, GREY or GREEN, GORILLA or GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, GIRLS or GHOSTS etc. – I’m sure you’ll find a picture… tag with “A-Z Archive” and put a link on your page to my site, so we’ll get a trackback-list including your post!

photo “G-Archive / GREECE” by Frizztext
this sort of (my) photography is too romantic (childish) to make an useful reality check related to the topic GREECE: we need more political photo journalism! or? compare greeks-protest-vs-austerity-measures
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tag: “A-Z Archive
Challenge always on Tuesday !!!
feel free to add in the comments
the link to your own interpretation of A-Z!!!

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107 responses to “A-Z Archive: G! Challenge

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  37. Didi-licious posted G = GREEN, featuring a snail
    frizztext comment:
    I once read, that these patient animals, SNAILS and SLUGS,
    are working for GOD to survey all countries exactly …


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  39. the stone steps and brilliant whitewashing are wonderful, contrasting with the dark sea so far below ..it looks so inviting, definitely Greece … leave the political action to others this time :) Here is mine http://wp.me/p296YA-2x


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  42. Oh my… I just said “wow” when I saw the pic. It’s very beautiful, Frizztext!
    I am loving your site, and so I added you on my blogroll, if you don’t mind :)


  43. Aw, Frizz, that’s awesome! One day, I will visit Greece. Beautiful shot. Wow.
    Here’s mine for the week:
    Hope ya like it. Happy Valentine’s Day, or night, rather. It’s 8:15pm here. ;) *hug*


    • oh Carol,
      thank you for G = GUITAR GIRL!
      now my daughters are aged forty – and I was surprised, as they told me, the best I, as father, had given to them was the love to guitar playing; all my grandsons share this opinion …


      • GUITAR heroes Chuck Berry & Keith Richards – performing “Oh Carol”! did you know this track???

        and notice: nothing is perfect at the first trial – they start several times – even those guitar heroes!


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  45. Great post again: Delightful!


  46. Frizz, thank you for featuring Greece as your G archive post today. What a chaotic situation that poor, dear country is in! Let us focus powerful waves of love and care and any intervention any of us is capable of for the Grecians.


    • when I was in Greece on that island Santorini there were only two lavatories, one for male, one for female, in the airport. 70 women waited in a long line. they needed at least twenty more toilets there! another disaster: many ill animals on that island: only one vet for hundreds of donkeys and thousand dogs and thousands of cats. many with bad cancer growing in an eye – it was very sad. my skepticism grew… some of the hotel owners earned very much money on the other hand. seemed to be a matcho structure, without any empathy for the poor ones …


  47. Okay, I think I got this right. Let me know if I did it wrong. Anyway, here is my entry for ‘G’


    • GIRDERS:
      a new word for me – and one can take it metaphorical, or?
      we all need some girders for our life to feel safe?


      • LOL Just girders. Nothing metaphorical, only as you wish. :)

        Or are you speaking of Girdles?

        Sometimes I think I need to be hit upside the head with a girder to knock some sense into me.


        • girder for bridges (wood)
          girdles for girls (leather)
          in Germany we have the saying:
          water has no wooden girders
          (you can sink if you plan too risky projects)
          at least do not go out without a girdle –
          you could lose your trousers
          don’t laugh, you are motivating me
          to learn English
          greetings from Germany
          Wasser hat keine Balken.
          Alle Sprache ist schwer.


          • Well, I didn’t laugh, but I did smile.

            According to an online translation website,
            Wasser hat keine Balken. = Water has no bar.
            Alle Sprache ist schwer. = All language is difficult.
            Is that correct?

            You write English pretty well, I would say. :)


            • thanks for your translation of my German sayings:
              Water has no bar – but Jesus walked over the water
              – have I lost something in translation?


              • I’m not sure what you mean. What were you trying to translate? And how did Jesus enter the discussion? I’m just a little bit confused.


                • sorry, dear Cris, I did not want to confuse you; your websites’ name “the biblical apologist” made me think about Jesus; you should know, I’m influenced by Immanuel Kant and his enlightenment; I’m sure he asked himself the same; on the other hand, the German saying “water has no bar” maybe was not vs. the bible but a warning for sailors (nevertheless even sailors often tried to destroy ships – of the others…)
                  thanks to Cris, he inspired me to write now the post:
                  NOTHING IS SAFE


                  • Thanks for the explanation and the article, which clarified your above statement even further.

                    I, too, hope your daughter is on the mend and feeling well.


  48. I love the contrast of colors in your photo…and the steps leading the eye to the boat in the water!
    Here is my entry for the week…http://nolagirlatheart.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/a-z-archive-g-challenge-glass/


  49. Do I put a link under the photograph, or what?


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  51. Greece looks beautiful. Great photo.


  52. I’ve never been. I know I would go crazy taking photos there! Although, I go crazy taking photos anywhere, LOL! Margie


  53. The sea is so clam and has dignity.


    • yes, dignity – I had the same feeling;
      on the other hand:
      on the ground of that volcano filled with water:
      rests a sunken cruise ship:
      – the Greek island SANTORINI is the top of a volcano!
      on the ground:
      the sunken cruise ship SEA DIAMOND;
      maybe too: the sunken culture of ATLANTIS …
      more than dignity –
      maybe uncanny, sinister, lurid …


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  55. Great minds think alike! I also put up a different part of Greece :)



  56. TBM

    Love the Greece photo. You need a little romance in today’s world and especially on Valentine’s day!


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  58. Greece! Such good memories from my honeymoon there many years ago.
    Here is my entry for this week:


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  60. Definitely not childish and you can’t be too romantic, it’s a great photo!


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