an open minded work

I like the open minded work of maistora / Vladimir Dimitroff. From Moscow to Istanbul, from Dubai to Berlin, from London to New York, from Kuwait to Munich: traveling around the globe for his job he always is able to take a short break for a photo, leaving the world of words and negotations, entering the universe of light and feelings …
title=”3B” (Sulemaniye mosque, Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey) by maistora; click on the photo to enter his flickr galleries …

more photos by “maistora” on flickr (click on the pictures for comments):
2Games people play3Carry on -
4Kuwait City from a-high5S 338
6New York after Irene7A (not so) distant storm
8A morning9Phoney Joe
Pink hour+Global village

1 - Istanbul - "3B" (large sized)
2 - Moscow - "Games people play"
3 - Dubai - "Carry on"
4 - Kuwait - "Kuwait City from a-high"
5 - Istanbul - Submarine: "S 338"
6 - Manhattan - "New York after Irene"
7 - Fox's Bay, Saint Anthony - "A (not so) distant storm"
8 - Istanbul - "A morning"
9 - Munich - "Phoney Joe"
10 - Kuwait - "Pink hour"
11 - Amsterdam - "Global village"


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14 responses to “an open minded work

  1. Very great collections. The scenery is the best to take photos.


  2. The Istanbul shot with the Sulemaniye mosque in the background is magical!


  3. Number 1 is my favorite, if I had to pick, which I don’t but just sayin’. They are all amazing.


  4. We all need moments of respite to let our mind breathe – allowing more openness!
    The storm-cloud capture is amazing


  5. Some really wonderful photos here!


  6. Wonderful, I love the light in the Bosphorus shot 🙂


    • hi Gilly –
      and I like the feeling of bird-view! if we enter a youtube-file or even a simple audio-file online: then we do not have this feeling of triumph and over-looking, out-look: so I’m addicted in those landscapes – some very well caught by maistora / Vladimir. We cannot have the same feeling in a close-up!
      experiment, watch your feelings: anxious like a blind animal? I feel like that … – though I know who plays there and what …


  7. Istanbul is a fascinating city.


  8. These are all great shots, but I love the first one best of all.


  9. Incredible photography. Thanks for introducing this photographer to me.


  10. I almost feel like a world-traveler myself after this post, Frizz…


  11. These are impressive shots by Vladimir Dimitroff…


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