I have a friend, guitarist Andrey Shilov, living in the Ukraine. Actually there are big riots on the streets: some want to become a part of Europe, others still accept to be dominated by Russia. Not easy to stay calm in those days and play guitar only:
Andrey Shilov - Musician
Andrey Shilov in my home studio with a cappuccino served by my wife…
visit his youtube channel at – he is a professional guitar teacher and concert performer in Russia, Ukraine, Dniepropetrovsk – Dniepropetrovsk Conservatory – he studied at the Leningrad Music College + at the East-Ukrainian University in Lugansk

Above a composition by Django Reinhardt, TEARS, below J.S. Bach: BOURREE; video was produced by myself in Germany in my home studio, then uploaded to youtube in Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine. I am glad that the Iron Curtain melt down – and that the internet can connect us weekly …

Andrey Shilov plays “BOURREE” by J.S.Bach 22.07.2010 on newly bought guitar made by Amalio Burguet. Recorded by “Frizz”. Преподаватель Днепропетровской консерватории Андрей Шилов играет “Буррэ” И.С.Баха на концерте в г.Хаттингене (Германия) 22.07.2010

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