Big sister is watching you

Riding through our cities and suburbs more and more we are watched by different types of “big sisters”. I took this street shot in Belgium. Comment by Melanie, USA: “The poster looks like a teacher @ my school.” My reply: “Then you had friendly teachers, congratulations!” P.S.: My teachers looked very different! After 1945 in Germany they gave old military red necks a chance for a second life without guns. Corporal punishment was not forbidden till 1975. Nowadays corporal punishment is still usual in many other countries (and at home). Would be nice, if every teacher would be nice like this smiling colored woman on that poster in Belgium. Or if we always would have a big friendly sister, smiling.
big sister
photo by Frizztext – click on the image to enter his flickr photo collection…

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13 responses to “Big sister is watching you

  1. Your photos are always amazing, Frizz!!


  2. A smile costs nothing! Lovely photo


  3. The rural schools here are so different to the city schools. Draconian in some cases. Young minds are sponges, we all know this, give them knowledge to inspire, debate, wrestle with and enjoy, they will revel in it most times. It doesn’t work when you try to beat it into them. Just look at end-of-year results!


  4. She looks very happy. 😉


  5. Madelaine

    Really great shot!!


  6. When someone smiles – you can’t help but smile back. I agree, Frizz.
    Very nice images and write ….


  7. Since I never had a biological big sister, I “adopted” the teen aunt of my best friend in our farming community who rode our school bus and looked after my friend and me equally well! This lady on the poster has the same type of wise, loving, alert, and capable look on her face. Bless you for sharing this, Frizz! So sorry about those redneck, ex-military types you had for teachers!


  8. Fab shot! The motion blur against the big sister is a lovely contrast 🙂


  9. Love the photo Frizz. In the past you have taken a few shots of cyclists on streets. I like them all. (Ok, I know the theme was teachers) 🙂


  10. That’s a nice smile to see.


  11. What a smile!
    It’s contagious!


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