Feeding or hunting birds

some are feeding birds, others are shooting them down: read my article about illegal bird hunting on Malta, where some idiots kill thousands of birds on their yearly trip from Africa to Europe: malta-bird-killers
daily bird feeding
photo of friendly old man by frizztext

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11 responses to “Feeding or hunting birds

  1. Reminds me of my grandfather, F.T…
    he used to love to feed ‘his birds’… :)


  2. Wow, that’s a lovely bird…and big! (is it trumpeter swan?) They are accustomed to people.


  3. Feeding, by all means, Frizz! This world can never have too many birds, as far as I am concerned. Bless you for your position on this important ecological issue!


  4. I love the contrast of the man in black surrounded by the white birds.



  5. what lovely birds. This is a beautiful photo.


  6. It’s a touching scene. Those birds like him.


  7. Nasty people! I thought killing for sport was not macho anymore!


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