Malta – stork killers

just heard about macho gun men on the isle Malta, Mediterranean Sea, who kill the storks on their way from Africa to Northern Europe … the witness photographers got some trouble by the Malta men, doing with passion their sports; wish there once would be on the other hand a tribunal with birds as judges …
photo by frizztext
stork (EN) storch (GE) cicogna (IT) cigüeña (ESP) cigonya (CAT) oolevaar (NL) cegonha (PORT) toonekurg (EST) talabon (visayan), πελαργός (greek), 황새 (korean), leylek (turkish), นก ซทอค (thai), bocian (polish), gólya (hungarian), kattohaikara (finnish) , Бусел (“bussel”) in belarussian, Аист (“aist”) in russian, Щъркел (“shtàrkel”) in bulgarian…
– who knows more translations / keywords / tags for STORK?

TIMES OF MALTA writes: “… RTL, Germany’s biggest private TV station, had broadcast a 20-minute feature about bird hunting in Malta, based on the operations carried out here last month by CABS, the Munich-based Committee Against Bird Slaughter. The documentary was shown as part of a current affairs programme and included footage from the drone which CABS used to seek out illegal hunting and trapping, before it was shot down…”
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38 responses to “Malta – stork killers

  1. Cassie

    That’s so sad 😦 Why do they kill them, just for fun?


    • just for fun …, no love, no respect for nature …
      – and the birds have no respect for electricity …
      Cegonha-branca (Ciconia ciconia)
      title=”Cegonha-branca (Ciconia ciconia)” photo by Emerging Birder
      home with free electricity
      title=”home with free electricity” photo by kainet


  2. I believe the correct English term for such people is: wankers


  3. Wat a great shot… love that nest like tree. 😉


  4. Animal abuse is so awful…I almost didn’t read this because I try to avoid it whenever possible. The first photo is great though.


    • Holy Stork
      title=”Holy Stork” photo by Dirk Delbaere
      once friends sent me wonderful photos from storks, having their nests in Spain, short before jumping over the water to Africa: on churches, on trees, on lamps or even on metal constructions for railway-stations or roads …
      Ninho improvisado
      title=”Ninho improvisado” photo by Emerging Birder


  5. I have been a great fan of storks that migrate back and forth between N. Africa and Europe ever since my maternal grandfather shared paintings he commissioned to show the storks he observed from his hospital on the Med at the end of WWI. (He was being treated for mustard gas poisoning!) I am so glad you are publicizing this horrible shooting of these magnificent storks!


    • dear granbee / Rose,
      sad, that your grandfather was hurt in the WWI by mustard gas poisoning!
      Of course it is more important to discuss, what human beings are responsive for, if they start a war. On the other hand I realized, watching the bird killer video (lake in Egypt) via youtube, how jubilation can be a part of a killing ecstasy. I never could believe it, watching (German) world war II crimes vs. mankind. But it seems still to hide in some human beings, at least if they see some birds. Birds are for me the greatest symbol of liberty. In my hometown the administration is killing hundreds of pigeons by poison! They say, there are too much pigeons here. I’m ashamed, to live in such a city …
      7 Of 54000
      title=”7 Of 54,000″ photo by rohaberl in Berlin; read my article “WALLS” at


  6. Wicked, nasty people 😦


    • sometimes I’m searching for a God to make justice, but couldn’t find …
      photo by stumbleon / Fred Roessler, USA


      • i think that nobody is ever forced to do the right thing, but we all have our free will. While it is great when there are those who are kind and protective of wildlife, there are unfortunately those who would rather use their free will to harm and destroy. that is always tragic.


  7. I hate these people who kill for fun!


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  10. That’s quite a bird!…and quite a nest!


  11. aweful! I love all the responses photos, though


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  13. thank you for sharing these beautiful creatures – and making us aware of the tragedy surrounding their very existence.


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