A-Z Archive: R! challenge

Tuesday’s photo challenge: the letter “R”: RAINY DAY:
rainy day in Manhattan
photo by frizztext, click on the image to enter his flickr galleries
This week’s topic for our A-Z ARCHIVE Tuesday’s photo challenge: the letter “R”: introduce one photo of your own archive with a “R” keyword for example RAINY DAY (like me) or RIOTS, REVERENDS or RESTAURANTS, ROYAL WEDDINGS or ROUGH, RUSSIAN dolls, RAINBOWS or REVOLVERS etc. – get some inspirations via my “R”-Photo-Archive at https://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/the-r-photo-archive/ – I’m sure you’ll find a picture in your own shoe boxes to scan – tag with “A-Z Archive” and put a link on your page to my site, so we’ll get a trackback-list including your post!

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Challenge always on Tuesday !!!


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About frizztext

websites: 1 - my wordpress blog "flickrcomments" at FLICKRCOMMENTS, 2 - my photos at frizztext, 3 - my guitar exercises fingerstyle_guitar, 4 - my museum-series The MUSEUM SERIES

69 responses to “A-Z Archive: R! challenge

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  3. Love this one for R! Always great colors.
    Here’s mine:
    Hope ya like it! ;)


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  5. Here is my “R” – rum and rasta in Jamaica and of course, Red wine at home! :)


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  8. MindMindful

    Jumping ahead to S! Challenge – Serene SILK MOTH http://wp.me/p2bACA-hr


  9. Here in NW Alabama, we have had two successive very rainy days, after a couple of dry weeks, unusual here in the spring. Very appropriate rainy view of this yellow cab for me.


  10. Love all the action in this, F.T…
    feels just like being there…
    (minus the soggy socks)! :)


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  12. reb

    It’s a nice challenge. Will be back if I can come up with a good R-image ;)


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  14. Rainy days can be nice to relax, sip tea, and read.
    I haven’t seen a posting here for romance yet. Here is mine:


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  16. love your rainy day photo frizz …and all the taxi cab full no doubt! here is mine, http://imagesoftheheart.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/a-z-archive-r-is-for-railway/


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  20. Here is my entry for A-Z Archive: R Challenge – RIVERS OF PITTSBURGH – http://wp.me/p23TG1-E2



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  23. Love your rainy day photo, Frizztext. It really captures a city street in the rain! Thanks for another fun challenge! Here’s mine for this week: http://catbirdinoman.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/a-z-archive-r-challenge-ruins/


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  25. polly

    great shot
    Here is mine for this week

    I am really glad you starting this weekly challenge.


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  27. We are having one of those here today!


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  29. Frizz, this is perfect! Love the blur of the yellow taxi in the rain. Greetings from a very wet Tuesday here in NYC!


    • hi Myra,
      I am very impressed by your article
      about remembering the concentration camps!
      “War is what happens when language fails.” – Margaret Atwood
      It is so necessary to remember – and to use language
      (and photography as a language too)


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  31. TBM

    Love all the umbrellas…it has been raining quite a bit in London. Here is my R for Regent’s canal:



  32. Evening Frizztext. I am using the R archive for my RIVER pics. Trust all is well with you and yours. http://abcnellibell49.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/r-is-for-rivers/


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  38. I would love to join… do I just post the photo a-z with a link back to this page in my post?


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