The Intouchables, movie review

Yesterday we’ve been in a cinema to enjoy the movie “The Intouchables” (= Untouchables) directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, starring François Cluzet (Philippe) and Omar Sy (Driss). Background: The former chief executive of the Champagne producer Pommery, Mr. Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, he crashed 1993 during Paragliding so hard (spine injuries), that since then he was paralysed from the neck down. Abdel Sellou (movie: Driss) from Algeria, previously released from prison (not really wanting the job) became 10 years his nurse. The message: With humor and irony you can become the winner vs. depression and loneliness. For example: Abdel stops Philippe writing Platonic letters and organizes a real date. And (happy end): the paralysed man and the beautiful woman decide to marry. Not only in the movie, not only in the scripts and books (both, Philippe and Abdel published their own version) also in reality: in Morocco, where they still are living, actually getting more and more famous …

music trailer “save you”:

German youtube trailer:

French trailer:


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6 responses to “The Intouchables, movie review

  1. Thanks for mentioning my review. Absolutely loved this film and I think it will end up high in my “best movies of the year” list.


  2. Sounds like a good movie! Glad real life is treating them well also!


  3. WOW–exciting trailer. And since this is a true story: Double Wow!


    • it’s a true story, in Germany both, the rich and the poor, have written their books about the story, ranking very high in the top selling lists – the movie was the most seen in France ever (as a good argument for integration in those times of new right wings racism) – I cannot understand, that there are problems to feature this stuff in US cinemas … (the fear: riots between black and whites, the New York Times commented)


  4. Muhammad Adeel

    I am from Pakistan, First i see this movie on my laptop, it is in frech i can not understand. search a file srt with English subtitle , and watch it … shocking a great story . although emotional but touchable and going deep in your heart ,
    Parents , we all have , relationship with them like that , at their old age , their are child , want play like when we are child. We have great opportunity at our home in form of our parents …. we must love them … and take care like in the movie, he do .
    When he take care that old person , he not wear anything on his hand because true love transfer from hand to his body , and he can feel it , that is why he make him a friend
    Love has not bounderies , but love has some respect , respect in relationship if you know that no one can beat you in this world , and even you die , your soul stay live in the heart of people.
    Being a Muslim , we have lot of stories like that , still in this world we still have

    Muhammad Adeel From Pakistan
    I am not terrorist


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