Milk Cow Blues Boogie

They really do exist...
photo via by Ben Visbeek, Amsterdam sent to my flickr group BLOG IT!
the photographer Ben Visbeek comments himself: “Milka is a brand of milk chocolate manufactured by Kraft Foods… It was created in 1901 in Austria, by Swiss chocolatier Philippe Suchard as his first milk chocolate variety… Kraft acquired the majority of Jacobs Suchard, including Milka, in 1990. The brand has a well-known symbol, the Milka Cow, which is a lilac colored Montbéliard cow… The name is believed to be derived from combining Milch und Kakao (the German terms for milk and cocoa…”
and in MY mind appears ELVIS and his “milk cow blues boogie” featuring the change from slow blues to rockabilly – developed by Elvis‘ guitarist Scotty Moore: When I first heard this song I was aged 11… – and every time when I see Milka chocolate this song enters my heart; dancing while eating chocolate = heaven on earth 🙂


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21 responses to “Milk Cow Blues Boogie

  1. Great Milka cows 😉


  2. Wow. The cows have just passed from our back paddock to the front this afternoon, but they are not this colour.


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  4. Wow! Are they real? Love them!


  5. Hmmm. What an interesting color. I saw them for the first time.


  6. Reblogged this on Didi-licious and commented:
    They really do exist! Sooo cool!

    And now in Bulgarian 🙂

    Те наистина съществуват! Най-любимата и сладка крава на планетата (може би тук се бута за слава и кравата от Cow and Chicken, също много обичана от мен крава!) има реален първообраз. Братовчедките на Милка разхождат лилавите си “одежди” със самочувствие и стил из швейцарските Алпи. 🙂
    По този повод трябва да се почерпим – видеото от мен, шоколадът от вас!


    • hallo Lady DiDi,
      I’ve noticed that I have not a Bulgarian translation for my 24-words-project at
      if you once have a little time to translate, I would like to add it there as language no. 25!!


      • Hi, I’d love to do it tomorrow if that’s OK for you 🙂 Thanks for adding Bulgarian language in your project!


        • I’m glad that you intend to join – don’t hurry, we’ll stay in contact!


          • got it:
            1-love=любов; 2-come together=идваме заедно; 3-to seduce=съблазнявам; 4-to
            pine=копнея; 5-to fall in love=влюбвам се; 6-sympathy=съчувствие; 7-to
            dance=танцувам; 8-kissing hands=целувам ръце; 9-admirer=обожател;
            10-exuberant=изобилен; 11-goose bumps=настръхвам; 12-passion=страст;
            13-attractive=атрактивен; 14-to flourish=разцъфтявам; 15-to allow=позволявам
            will be added to the 24 other languages …(link above)


  7. I could not watch Elvis, guess why? Yes: it’s the copyright 🙂 Nice article Frizztext!


  8. Aren’t they a colorful sight! Margie


  9. Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague

    Milkas pretty big over here in Europe, it’s like Hershey is to the US, so we see purple cows all the time on television, or at least when I’m wasted. 🙂


  10. I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw the first photo.


  11. Wow I’ve never seen cows with such a colour like that! Very interesting! Great photos.


  12. Wolfgang Hermann

    a well done joke


  13. Brilliant,great face exercise, made me laugh out loud.


  14. I love, love, love those purple painted cows. 🙂


  15. thirdhandart

    The lilac colored Montbéliard cows remind me of a Verse from Volume 1 of the Childcraft books:
    “The Purple Cow” by Gelett Burgess
    I never Saw a Purple Cow,
    I never Hope to See One;
    But I can Tell you, Anyhow,
    I’d rather See than Be One.


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