Closed Doors-about ENTHUSIASM

I read at the door of a German post-office: “Note the opening times (9-12 a.m., 3-5 p.m.)!
To shake and shake again the door is useless!”
Originally: “Dienstzeiten beachten! Rütteln und schütteln ist zwecklos!”
1Tribute to Francois + Jean ROBERT2undecided
3ivy house4red door
all photos by Frizztext
more about ENTHUSIASM: Henry David Thoreau:
“The artist must work with serenity. A lot of enthusiasm spoils the work.”

11 responses to “Closed Doors-about ENTHUSIASM

  1. Freedom, by the way

    Thoreau was a bit too laid back. I like to work with enthusiasm & serenity! Great photos!


  2. Wolfgang Hermann

    verschlossene tore haben eine eigene fascination


  3. Love the doors… LOL! :-)


    the green door: my mother showed me that museum door – after I’ve searched her for forty years: she put me after birth into an orphanage. I had to dig deep in my soul to find all those footprints, which led me at the end to my mother. one memory: the ringing of the mugs with milk in the orphanage, carried on a little chariot …


  5. compare an entrance,
    found by Thomas Lieser, Vienna:
    even space stations close down eventually


  6. mooi zijn ook deze deuren. Mooie deuren hebben wel iets,.
    groetjes Dietmut


  7. I hear you knocking by Dave Edmunds


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