Taboo Atheism?

The Passion, Paris
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When I featured the blood red moon eclipse (introducing the photographer Dirk Spennemann some days ago) one visitor commented: “… its a CURSE from Almighty God and a warning that the inhabitants of the earth have committed grave sins and a grave punishment shall befall… so we should be seeking forgiveness not rejoicing! we pray the whole night for Almighty God to forgive our sins and we sleep only if it clears up!!” – Read more at lunar eclipse 16june2011 I gave the feedback: “I am an atheist – and so I believe, there’s not enough reason in your analysis… :-)”
In the TIME / LIVE online magazine I read under the title “TABOO THEN, TYPICAL NOW” 1966 / John Lennon Is Critical of Christianity: “… many fans in the United States (especially across the Bible Belt) were outraged and held public burnings of the band’s records… decades later, many stars are unapologetic and open about their religious leanings or lack thereof (as is the case with Daniel Radcliffe, Jodie Foster, Javier Bardem, and several other famous atheists)” more at taboo-then-typical-now?
well I remember Sinead O’ Connor, what did she say? Her CDs were destroyed also some years ago. Can’t understand the indignation. I’m always amused reading NIETZSCHE: Nietzsche (by frizztext) No reason for a riot – but for development of reason and science. It was wrong to answer to the 9/11 fundamental Muslim pilots with orthodox Christianity. We should answer with more acceptance of science and modern thinking, not going back again to medieval levels. Wrong decision, Mr. Bush. Too much bible in your brain (trying not to drink alcohol); not educated very well. Actually I am criticizing the modern (?) Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor. He is too much influenced by catholicism and pope Benedict in Rome.

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6 responses to “Taboo Atheism?

  1. This is a bit disturbing…


    In Swiebodzin, Poland, a crane lifts the head of what is now the world’s largest statue of Jesus Christ. The statue stands 190 feet high and spans nearly 80 feet at the arms.


  3. All great truths
    begin as blasphemies.

    George Bernard Shaw


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  5. less Christians in Europe because the education got better, thanks to universities, social sciences, physics etc. the clash of civilization with Islam should not force to go back to orthodox Christianity but support atheism.


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