The Three Cherokee. Came over from the head of...

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...Busted !!!-IMG_1961_f
Busted !!! IMG_1961_f
Cat “Stinky”, sleeping with friend
on the den couch.
photo by msamaclean ©, on Flickr
sent to my group BLOG IT!

it’s good to have a friend – even if he has a pink fur coat and does not move much … – but he seems to be a good guard, because he always has his eyes open (old Cherokee wisdom)

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5 responses to “Friends

  1. Friends are a divine blessing! 😉


  2. Omg! That pink monkey is a friend of mine too! I will be the first to tell you that stuffed friends rock, so do human and animal friends….but stuffed friends are the bomb!


  3. Wolfgang Hermann

    the cat thinks she has friend
    but wat this friend thinks is unknown

    a real friendship goes in both direction

    wiht best wishes to my real friend FRIZZ

    from wolfgang


  4. Melanie

    Maybe the monkey is a one way friendship, but our cats are certainly counted in our group of friends!
    (‘Frizztext’…;-)… is a good flickr friend!)…;-D


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